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4 Tips to Help You Avoid Making the Wrong NBA Wagers

Every sport has its own strategy, and within those sports each team has a strategy. Basketball is one of the major global sports that comes with a certain air of unpredictability, but it is also one of the most strategic team sports out there, and you can use each team’s tactics to your advantage. As in the film Moneyball where Peter Brand convinces Billy Beane that his baseball strategy works by using player stats, you can use a very similar approach for NBA wagers.

Now this is not a guaranteed system that will help you win, but it will help your money go further and bring in more wins compared to just blindly betting.

What this means is that although you will still lose some bets, with an increased win rate, the blow of a loss is softened by an increase in wins. Therefore, if you lose 3 out of 5 stakes on basketball, if you use a strategic system, you should begin to see a change to 1 or 2 losses per week.

By reading these 4 tips, you may also learn about some interesting basketball betting opportunities you may never have considered in the past.

1. Look for teams and players that score mostly 3 pointers

Some teams have more than 1 player prolific at scoring 3-point shots. When you break down the way the team scores points from game to game, you should be able to pick out teams that collect points via an unusual number of 3-point shots.

Now this is not a stat used to predict a winner, but for in-play betting. When the team’s most notorious 3-point players are on the court, start betting on 3-point scores coming up.

2. Big Upsets Predictions

Some lesser talented teams are set up in such a way that they become a bogie team for the big guns by regularly winning with less talent. However, don’t just bet on an upset being a given, make sure you do some research when you know a bogie is on the cards.

Check that the same players are in action. It is those players that unwittingly cancel out the superstars on the team win. Also, check how often the underdogs cause an upset and whether they cause the upset more at home or away.

3. Use Free Bets as Much as Possible

Losing a free bet is no big deal because after all it was free. However, if you win, then great because you now have the chance to add your free winnings to your current betting roster. Some NBA betting sites will offer free bets on underdogs winning and free bets for special match ups or games.

This is your best chance to look for bets with long odds that you would not usually take. Use the other 3 tips in this guide to search out the most likely bets with long odds to pull through. This way, you are not risking your weekly basketball budget on bets you like the look of but are unlikely to win-hence the long odds!

4. Learn About Key Players for Your Favourite Teams

Now if you have the brain capacity for it, you could learn about the key players for every team, but that would take some doing, and you would have to be a true basketball fanatic with plenty of time on your hands even at work. This is why we say you should learn about key players ‘for your favourite teams’. Look at their habits.

Maybe they score more points late in the game because they are fitter than most other players while there are those players that score more often at the beginning games. There are also certain defences that cannot handle certain players in a particular match up. If you can spot these small but effective recurrences, then you should win more bets more often.

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