Monday 23rd July 2018,
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Steve Kerr Says Warriors Still Haven’t Decided Whether to Celebrate NBA Title at White House

Steve Kerr Says Warriors Still Haven’t Decided Whether to Celebrate NBA Title at White House

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The Golden State Warriors haven’t yet decided whether they will ring in their 2017 NBA title with a trip to the White House—mostly because they haven’t talked about it yet.

From’s Ramona Shelburne:

“We will meet as a team to discuss it and make a decision,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told ESPN.

The Warriors, who beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games to win the title, have not yet been invited to visit the White House, nor has the organization decided whether it would accept an invitation if it were offered, sources said. However, the NBA has stayed in close enough communication with the White House on the matter, and it is believed an invitation would be extended if the team decided as a group to attend.

The mechanism of inviting championship teams to the White House has varied with each administration, but it is generally offered by the president during a congratulatory call to a coach or owner soon after the NBA Finals. From there, the league office acts as a liaison with the White House to help schedule the visit. As yet, Kerr confirmed that no such invitation has been extended by the Trump administration.

The whole “We’ll invite you but only if you accept an invitation we haven’t offered first” stance is so perfect for the Trump administration. They get to look like it’s business as usual if the Warriors opt to stop by, yet can spin it as “Well, the offer was never on the table” if Golden State declines.

If I had to guess, the Warriors won’t be visiting the White House. Some of the foremost authorities in that locker room are extremely candid and seem like they would be against it. If the team decides to go, via the majority or an executive decision from someone in power, it feels like the trip would include at least a few absentees, perhaps as a sign of protest.

Again: This is a gut feeling. I don’t really know which way the Warriors are leaning. But it would be, from where I’m standing, a genuine shock if the entire team ends up at the White House, assuming there’s even a chance they’ll visit at all.

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