Friday 22nd June 2018,
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New York Knicks Have ‘Discussed’ Trading for Another First-Round Draft Pick

New York Knicks Have ‘Discussed’ Trading for Another First-Round Draft Pick

New York Knicks

BREAKING: Sometimes, the New York Knicks are actually run like a normal basketball team.

Exhibit A: According to’s Ian Begley, they not only plan on keeping their No. 8 pick, but they want another first-round selection. Here’s the skinny:

“We’ll get a talented young player, hopefully someone that can contribute this next year,” [Phil Jackson] said.

Jackson added, though, that the Knicks will keep their options open, including possibly trading their pick. They have also discussed the option of acquiring another first-round pick through trade, according to sources. Some members of the organization like North Carolina’s Justin Jackson, a projected late first-round pick.

Justin Jackson, for the record, would be a really good fit in New York, regardless of whether Carmelo Anthony is traded. But, um, we have to, um, address the, um, elephant in the room:

How in the actual hell are the Knicks getting another first-rounder?

Most will be quick to cite a potential Melo trade. But the team everyone knows he’d accept a trade to, the Los Angeles Clippers, don’t have a first-round selection. Peruse the rest of his potential landing spots, assuming another one even exists, and it’s hard  to find a workable deal with a Melo-approved suitor who’s willing to pony up a quality first-rounder.

The Knicks could try dangling Willy Hernangomez for a first, but there’s basically no team that needs a big. Maybe Kyle O’Quinn can net them one of the Portland Trail Blazers’ three first-rounders, but there’d have to be more salary going to New York for a deal to be pushed through.

In other words: The Knicks want another first-round pick, because pretty much everyone wants another first-round pick, but unlike almost everyone, they don’t have the assets to get that other first-round pick.

Sounds about par for New York’s course.

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