Friday 22nd June 2018,
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Derrick Rose to Miss Remainder of Season With Torn Meniscus

Derrick Rose to Miss Remainder of Season With Torn Meniscus


Things have gotten even more murky for New York Knicks point guard and former league MVP (the youngest in league history in 2011) Derrick Rose.

As a player already heading into free agency and in search of his first new contract since his career started taking a turn for the worse when he suffered a serious knee injury in Game 1 of the eastern conference playoff first round in 2012, Rose now must deal with the stigma of coming off yet another knee injury for potential suitors.

Rose will miss the final two weeks of the 2016-17 season with a torn meniscus.

He was actually in the midst of the best season he has had since 2012, despite the dominant perception and the constant train wreck that is the New York Knicks, as he was averaging 18 points, four assists and three rebounds on 47% shooting, his best percentage since the 2011-12 season.

The reality is that Rose will have a very lukewarm market at best this off-season. As a 29-year-old injury prone point guard that is a shell of the player he was, Rose currently demands a max contract and still believes he is the kind of player which he hasn’t been for years. He is in fact a guy that has had his commitment to his team and work ethic called into question.

It’s hard to foresee any team paying him $20 million a year this off-season, he may have to accept lesser pay or even a lesser role as a low level starter or backup point guard if he wants to stick around in the league into his mid-30s.

Otherwise he could end up being the next Stephon Marbury in China, which honestly hasn’t worked out too bad for him.

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