Sunday 17th June 2018,
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Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Could be Reunited with Orlando Magic ‘Down the Road’

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Could be Reunited with Orlando Magic ‘Down the Road’


Doc Rivers and the Orlando Magic, together again? It could happen.

And soon.

Or maybe not soon.

Or at all.

From’s Marc Stein:

There has been persistent chatter for weeks on the NBA’s front-office grapevine that the Orlando Magic and Rivers will explore a reunion down the road.

Now, you’re certainly not alone if you’re wondering whether down the road in this case should be measured in months or years.

More clarity, though, might not be far off.

Rivers, as Stein notes, is in the third season of a “monster” five-year pact he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. But, in the NBA, coaching and executive contracts are very fluid. If Rivers wants out, he’ll be able to get out.

Things will get really interesting if the Clippers are bounced in the first round (fairly likely) or second round (very likely) of the playoffs. Should Blake Griffin and/or Chris Paul leave during free agency, the team is instantly thrust into rebuild mode, a stage of development Rivers hasn’t shown recent interest in. (See: how he left the Boston Celtics.)

If Rivers is doesn’t want to assume control of a developing squad, the Magic would be a weird fit. They’ve owned top-five picks in four of the last five drafts and should be right back in the territory this year. They do, however, have a much better foundation of young talent than the Clippers. If both teams are rebuilding, Orlando is the more attractive place.

Maybe this chatter is nothing at all, though. Or maybe it’s a down-the-line-type deal. At any rate, circle back to this rumor should the Clippers suffer another early playoff exit, and then return to it once again after the futures of Griffin and Paul are decided.

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