Monday 27th March 2023,
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Dwyane Wade Will Not Play in All-Star Game

wadeasgDwyane Wade has been out since January 27 with a bad hamstring and his participation in the All-Star Game had been in doubt. While I’m sure he’d love to play, it wouldn’t come across well if that were to be his first game back. Therefore, he has decided to sit out Sunday’s game.

As of this writing, no replacement for Wade has been announced, but Kyle Korver and Kevin Love are a few possibilities.

“I felt like this was best,” Wade said. “I wasn’t going to play much either way. I think with the circumstances, I think the smartest thing to do is let someone else come in and really enjoy the All-Star experience. … I think I owe it to the Heat fans to at least play in a Heat jersey first than go out there in the All-Star Game and play a couple minutes.”

H/T: Star Tribune

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