Friday 27th January 2023,
The Hoop Doctors

Look: Cool Lebron Portrait Using Nike Swooshes by German Artist

If you are a fan of Nike and a fan of Lebron James, you’re going to love this. German artist Andy Gellenberg recently released portraits of various Nike spokespeople made up entirely of Nike Swooshes. If you are Nike, you’re probably kicking yourself you didn’t think of these yourself. They are somewhat reminiscent of the Jordan portrait we showcased a couple years back made up entirely of his accomplishments in 20,000 words.



And just in case Nike creative folks needed an extra helping hand in coming up with merchandising and marketing ideas for the Andy Gellenberg concept portrait of James, here is a billboard and T-Shirt idea from the artist….



H/t to Brobible where saw the images, and Gellenberg’s profile on Behance

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