Saturday 27th May 2023,
The Hoop Doctors

Watch: Dennis Rodman Plays Legends Game Dressed as Drag Queen

rodmandragDennis Rodman has done some really weird things during and post-career in the NBA. And a legendary career at that. In my mind the greatest rebounder of the modern NBA era. Some may even say one of the best basketball minds to play the game. He treated rebounding as a fine science, and he could get in opponents head defensively like no other.

But back to the weirdness. Dennis Rodman this week during the legends of basketball tour in Argentina decided to play the game in drag. Obviously it would be a bit uncomfortable to play hoops in a dress, but the rest is drag. And then some….

Skip to the 0:49 second mark of the video for Rodman’s intro:

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(H/t Sportando)

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