Sunday 23rd June 2024,
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Report: Tom Thibodeau, Bulls Front Office at Odds

Just because Derrick Rose is back in the lineup doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well in Chicago. According to a Yahoo! report, there is a rift going on between Tom Thibodeau and Bulls brass.

It has to do with personnel moves that were made that Thibs hasn’t been comfortable with.

There will always be this sort of give-and-take. Coaches want complete control over what happens with their players and coaches, while the front office feels they should handle that. The both have a point.

“It’s been a bad relationship that got worse with the firing of Ron Adams, who  was Thibs’ top assistant coach,” Wojnarowski said in an interview with CSN  Chicago. “[Adams] was very popular with Derrick Rose. But there’s been a history  here before Tom Thibodeau with Vinny Del Negro. Obviously they have a great  coach in Tom Thibodeau and those issues have continued with this management  team.”

H/T: NBC Chicago 

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