Monday 22nd January 2018,
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Lakers Will Sign Lamar Odom If He Goes to Rehab?

Could Lamar Odom find himself donning purple and gold once more?

According to Radar online (h/t New York Post) the Los Angeles Lakers have reached out to Odom and told him they’re prepared to sign him if he goes to rehab to kick whatever drug habit he has:

The Los Angeles Lakers have told troubled sixth-man Lamar Odom that if he goes to rehab — immediately — he’ll have a spot waiting for him on their roster once he checks out.

Mitch Kupchak, the general manager of the Lakers, offered the sensational lifeline to 33-year-old Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, “because the organization and the Buss family are extremely concerned about him,” according to a source with knowledge of the situation, who spoke exclusively to

Said our insider: “Lamar is really resisting rehab, even with the Lakers’ offer on the table. He doesn’t want to miss training camp. Lamar thinks he can kick this on his own. It’s very hard for him to admit that he needs help.”

A reunion of sorts has seemed inevitable for months, before any of the rehab news surfaced. Odom’s career plummeted into the depths of oblivion upon being traded from the Lakers, and returning to where he was last (and most) successful just makes sense.

That said, Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters reports that the Lakers have made Lamar Odom no such offer:

Per team source, there was no such conversation between Kupchak and Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, about re-joining the team. The Lakers organization still thinks very fondly of Odom and is genuinely concerned for his well-being. However, the story that a Lakers roster spot would be waiting for Odom should he complete treatment at a rehabilitation center is not true.

Odom was also recently arrested for DUI, according to TMZ, so it’s unclear how possible a potential return is.

Odom spent seven years with the Lakers, winning two championships and the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award (2011). Ironically, it was after he won the sixth man award that he was traded. One can’t help but wonder if he’d still be playing at a high level had none of that Chris Paul mumbo jumbo went down.

David Stern vetoed a trade that would have sent Paul from the then New Orleans Hornets to the Lakers. Both Odom and Pau Gasol were supposed to be a part of the deal that also included the Houston Rockets. Once it fell through, the jilted Odom helped orchestrate his removal from the organization, winding up with the Dallas Mavericks.

In 50 games with the Mavericks, he averaged a then career-worst 6.6 points per contest on a career-low 35.2 percent shooting. Prior to last season he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, the team that drafted him 14 years ago. Familiar spaces did little to help his production as he went on to average a current career-worst 4.0 points on 39.9 percent shooting in 19.7 minutes per game.

His best years were spent in Los Angeles…with the Lakers. If the 33-year-old wishes to resurrect his career, or regain some of his on-court dignity, that’s the team he stands to do it on. But to get (back) there, he must attend rehab.

While I tend to embrace sarcasm and make jokes, this is a man’s life we’re talking about. And we probably don’t know the full story, and the validity of what we do know is questionable. Traffic-hungry outlets have run wild with this and the information out there is murky at best.

But I do know that Odom hasn’t seemed comfortable as a basketball player since leaving the Lakers. And right now, with so much (presumably) going on in his life, I find it difficult to believe he couldn’t use the support of the family the Lakers claim to be.

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  • Gary Kelly

    as a long time laker fan I for 1 was upset when the trade went down that sent odom to the mavs and to be honest the lakers or odom has yet to recover so odom as a fan go to rehab fix your life and come home

    • Toria Williams

      I agree with u he was never right since traded it will b good 4 all lets face it lakers was not 2 good last season with that joke Dwight howard

  • agmvcc

    I think Lamar can make something of a difference for the Lakers. Very classy move. Business but not ALL or ONLY BUSINESS. I LIKE IT! PLEASE LAMAR DON’T SQUANDER THIS OPPORTUNITY!

  • kdub

    Come Home!

    • Toria Williams

      I agree come home lamar

  • Doug

    That’s the problem with the guys who need rehab…he’s in some type of denial and doesn’t want a cure. He needs to go through it and then stay clear of it the rest of his life. It’s a day to day proposition for anyone who’s been through it. Wish you the best, Lamar.

  • Synthia Rose

    Radar Online is not a believable source. Didn’t SBNation have quotes from Lakers execs denying this last night?

  • Odom busted for DUI

    Looks like Odom this morning got busted for a DUI for driving too slow! Not sure if it was under influence of drugs or alcohol yet. Damn, so much for that, Odom is turning into too much of a PR nightmare for lakers to go near him.

    • Toria Williams

      nightmare lakers r known 4 them so whats 1 more 4 a good laker he was great when he was there 7yrs so b quiet

  • Albert

    I feel sorry for him i like him as a player .. never had respect for the kardashian girls, but khloe is a real woman for standing by her man in hard time.. Lakers you need to show your more than just basketball help man out , you to kobe i know you trying rehab but he need you guys , that what friends are for..

    • Toria Williams

      irealy think yr right nowhe needs his fellow laker friends he was there 7yrs with kobe now is the time 2 help then bring him back home he has not been right since they traded him god bless him & his fam khloe is the best out of that klan anyway

  • Frank Padilla

    Oh Nooo!

    • Toria Williams

      ur crazy

      • Frank Padilla

        you are entitled to your opinion. since you are a woman, i won’t say say you are the one who is crazy.

  • Wish it were true and that Lamar accepts.

  • Ryan Acshoultz

    Lamar is always welcome back to the Lakers, but first he has to take care of his personal problems with his wife, drugs and alcohol.And this whole story is very controversial. One site says one thing, other denies it. If M.Kupchak has really talked to Lamar’s agent, then he has something in mind. The Lakers as of now, have one roster spot available and there are no other FA’s better than him.
    I believe, in a Lakers uniform, Lamar will perform a lot better than he did with Dallas and the Clippers.