Wednesday 24th January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Phil Jackson’s 13 Championship Rings (PIC)

Negotiating with Phil Jackson over a front office or coaching job must be psychological warfare. Whenever you think you’re getting close to getting an edge in the negotiations he would just trot out these puppies, and its over. 13 Championship Rings. Maybe Phil’s negotiation is getting heated, because he posted this on twitter yesterday:

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  • Zen

    That’s more rings than some franchises have in their history.

    • bigsancho

      More than all but the Lakers (16) and Celtics (17)

  • Bostoncelticsfan

    Hell ya Phil thank god for Kobe and Jordan with them 3 peats. Too bad he left the lakers

  • Cot damn.


    Phil Jackson’s current sizzling aspiration is to be the president or head executive of a basketball franchise. To this end, he loves to display his 13 rings! Surely, these rings — at least for what they symbolize — are impressive, but not influential. For, as I’ve said early on, coaching and leading star-studded teams to championships isn’t the same or synonymous to revamping, re-structuring and operating as president or head executive a fractured and fragile organization. If it were, Philadelphia would have hired him — not Sam Hinkie of Houston — as its president and general manager.

    In short, Phil Jackson is no Pat Riley.

    • Arturo59

      How do you know? Until Riley got a shot, he was just a coach with a lot of rings.

      • ARTHUR V. GAMO

        Your question seems a reasonable one, but obviously you don’t know Pat Riley except as “just a coach with a lot of rings.” Neither do you know Phil Jackson as much as team owners do!

        How come team owners, including Jackson’s in-laws that own the Lakers, won’t consider him for an executive job other than coaching? Is it because his credentials don’t fit their criteria?

  • Chris

    No wonder people talk a lot about rings, those look amazing hahaha