Friday 22nd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Watch: Air Jordan XX8 Featured In ‘Key & Peele: Ballbusters’ Skit

Bored with the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in recent years?  You aren’t the only one.

In ‘Ballbusters’, a skit by YouTube funny guys Key & Peele, the two discuss the type of dunks that would save the All-Star Weekend attraction.  From the use of live animals & food to having a pair of the Air Jordan XX8 on your hands, a few of these seem as if they would be hard to do but NBA players are professionals so what do I know.

I only recently heard of the Key & Peele skits via my younger brother around Christmas time so I am not an expert by any means of their work.  Some of there skits are actual “laugh out loud” funny while others aren’t; I will leave the decision about this one to you.  Great product placement though.

After watching the video you should scroll down and take a look at screen shots of the better…ahh…dunks demonstrated by comedian due Key & Peele.

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