Monday 21st May 2018,
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Watch: Footage Surfaces of Bill Russell Jumping Over Defender from Free Throw Line

After bearing witness to yet another lackluster dunk contest during 2013 NBA All Star Weekend, filled with missed dunks, lack of creativity, and most of all a lack of star power, we were left with that all familiar empty feeling of wanting more.

Oh what I would give for seeing a Kenny Smith between the legs, off the backboard jam, Dwight Howard Superman dunk, a follow up Nate Robinson Kryptonite flush, or even a Paul George glow-in-the-dark neon jam.

But just like waiting for pigs to fly, I doubt we will see any more amazing death defying dunk footage on All Star Weekend until major changes are made to help entice star talent to once again participate in the event.

But to hold us over until then, some awesome footage of Hall of Famer Bill Russell has surfaced. The video shows him taking off from just inside the free throw line, and jumping clear over a defender before scoring two points on the lay-in.

It’s an unbelievable feat of athleticism helping to prove to most of today’s younger fans that players from years past actually could play and compete against, what some consider to be, today’s bigger, stronger, and faster athletes.

Bill Russell Jumping Over Defender From FT Line:

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