Thursday 24th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Charles Barkley Guesses Air Max Barkley Cost On The Price Is Right

Ohh Sir Charles.  While making an appearance on The Price Is Right gameshow during their Celebrity Charity Week, Charles Barkley was called to “come on down” as a contestant.

From there, Barkley took part in a preliminary round where he was asked to name the price of items that are tie in to the career of Sir Charles like a DVD copy of the movie Look Who’s Talking Now (which he appeared in) and a Kenny Smith (who he works with) basketball card.  What made this appearance noteworthy to us came when Drew Carey asked Chuck to name the price of the Air Max Barkley sneaker which is a retooled version of his Air Max CB 2 signature sneaker from 1994.

Check out the entire first segment of Charles Barkley on The Price is Right.


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