Tuesday 19th June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Pau Gasol Out As Lakers Starter Indefinitely

According to reports circulating on twitter, the Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni, has taken Pau Gasol out of the starting lineup indefinitely. The Lakers are spiraling out of control and something needs to be done, but is this it?

Is this move an attempt to shake things up? Spark the Lakers lackluster bench performance? Comply with Kobe’s demand?

Anyone else think that benching Pau Gasol isn’t the answer? Everyone in Lakers land has been quick to point the finger at new comers Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Antawn Jamison but has no one else noticed that they are all moving the ball well and shooting a decent percentage. Much of the blame needs to land on Kobe Bryant’s shoulders as he has been shooting the ball far too much, and at a horrible percentage as of late. Bill Simmons put it quite nicely and quite humorously on twitter today:

Yes, some blame could be placed on the executive team that put this roster together, not realizing that Kobe may not have it in him to buy into a team concept. But now that Kobe is finally surrounded by players that can be trusted to balance out the scoring load, why is everyone afraid to tell Kobe this. Without sugar coating it. I know why guy that had no problem putting Kobe in his place. Phil Jackson. And they were both the better for it.

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