Friday 22nd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Fan Sues Spurs For Resting Stars vs. Heat in November

Remember back in November when Gregg Popovich sat Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili for a Thursday night, nationally televised marquee match up vs. the Miami Heat. If so, you’ll also remember David Stern fining the team $250,000 for this. Maybe this is why Stern was so upset. A fan has decided to take legal action against the Spurs as a result. We can’t make this ridiculous stuff up…

On Monday, Larry McGuinness filed a class action suit in Miami-Dade County, stating that the team’s head coach, Gregg Popovich, “intentionally and surreptitiously” sent their best players home without the knowledge of the league, the team and the fans attending the Nov. 29 game against the Heat. McGuinness contends that he, as well as other fans, “suffered economic damages” as a result of paying a premium price for a ticket that shouldn’t cost more…

“It was like going to Morton’s Steakhouse and paying $63 for porterhouse and they bring out cube steak,” said McGuinness, who said he bought his ticket on the resale market. “That’s exactly what happened here.”


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