Friday 22nd June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Vancouver Grizzlies Old Court For Sale

Are you a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies? How about when they had their previous home up north in Vancouver? If you do, and you have an extra $13,000 kicking around you may want to consider buying the old Grizzlies practice court. It’s for sale on Craigslist. This is no joke (pics after the jump). It even comes with blood spatter courtesy of Big Country Reeves!

Our company has moved into a new building which used to house the training court for the Vancouver Grizzlies and we are looking for anyone interested in taking the floor off of our hands! Asking $13, 000. Pictures attached. Perfect for any fan of the Grizzlies when they were around or even an NBA collector!
Please reply to this ad!

(H/T to TBJ’s JE Skeets Twitter Account)

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