Sunday 27th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Bobcats Lose By 45 Points; Shock Effect Now Gone

Michael Jordan’s Bobcats are not off to as bad a start as last season, but every once in a while they remind you just how embarrassingly bad they really are. Like last night when they played the OKC Thunder. It’s no surprise Durant and Westbrook’s Thunder squad took it to the Bobcats, given they are the reigning Western Conference Champs. But even MJ himself would be surprised at taking a 45 point loss. 114-69, in the books.

Sure, a loss is just one loss, but it has to have some mental and emotional impact on the confidence of the players, doesn’t it?

Think about it this way. The Bobcats as a team scored a measly 69 points on the game. They shot 23-79 on the night. Their owner Michael Jordan back in his prime once scored 69 points himself in one game against the Cavaliers. For the kicker, he did it on 23-37 shooting back in 1990.

I sort of feel bad for MJ in a way. Let’s up the NBA fans of the future can separate Michael Jordan the owner from Michael Jordan the player with regards to his legacy. Peep the box score from last night’s drubbing:

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