Saturday 16th December 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

Marvel Comics and ESPN Release Lebron James Comic Book

A couple years ago Marvel Comics previewed the NBA season by creating a comic book cover for each NBA team. It was pretty cool, and resonated with NBA fans and bloggers quite quickly going viral. Now, ESPN has teamed up with Marvel Comics to create an entire comic book dedicated to Lebron James “King of the Ring” chronicling the Heat’s road to winning living up to their bold prediction of multiple rings.

I know some kids look up to professional athletes, almost like superheroes. But are we going too far with “King of the Rings”?

**Click the cover image below to view the comic online**

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  • coach_levi

    are those championship rings? WTF! why is wearing 4 rings? are those awards for his flopping? DANG,..

    • jordanforte

      LOL, must be for his high school rings? They should re-title it “Lebron James: King of the High School Rings”

  • Vyhnan

    the prediction of LeBron’s hairline in next 20 years is really optimistic

  • Why don’t you haters just go get a job or something? LeBron is good at what he does. He is a good basketball player and a lot of people know that. This is his time to
    shine, when he is gone; somebody else will shine. Magic Johnson, Dr. J., Sir
    Kareem Abdul Jabber, Sir Bill Russell, and Sir Michael Jordan (His Airness)
    they all had their moments in the Basketball history books. LeBron is working
    hard as the people mentioned above and he is writing his name in the Basketball
    history books to come. Leave him alone and go and deal with your own problems
    in life. Why can’t you recognize a talent when you see one? LeBron is using hi
    God giving talent to earn his living so what’s your problem? Enough is enough,
    look to solve the problems in your life and get a life. I’m 100% sure that most
    of you never played ball in your life; not even for your high school so why not
    turn your jealous attitude to someone else. The bottom line is simple, leave
    the brother alone with your silly and unwanted comments. Do you think that it
    is easy to give 100% out there on the court every night? If you think it’s
    easy, why aint you on an NBA team? LeBron is a great player and nothing you say
    can take his talent from him.