Friday 23rd February 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Hottest NBA Cheerleader on Each Team


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  • It’s a good thing everyone has an opinion, you missed on the majority of the choices and what’s the reasoning on picking women that look so much alike! Better luck next time…

    • Anklesnap

      I guess they look alike because we all had a preference for hot girls?
      J/K, I hear you, these types of lists are always biased towards the preferences of those creating them.
      Link us in the comments section here to some images of your choices, so that others can weigh in….

    • VoudeauxChild

       Agreed Allen. Every selection looks exactly like the one before. Maybe this guy should have just posted 60+ picks of the first cheerleader and gotten it over with. Waste of time scrolling through these.

  • Baileyjoh69647

    I think that Cheerleader is give as a Just entertainment not so much enjoyment .

  • Shirleyuyga1581

    Each cheerleader are going a Good Job in the each team.

  • Kustiainen81

    You Americans are ugly people.. Plastic titties, and a faces like old peasants..

    •  And WHERE might you be from Kustiainen81?

      • Mr.Bomb

        Probably China… Where they’re completely flat faced and flat chested.. ;)

  • Derekanderson
  • how to grow muscles

    here you also look NBA  which each teal so looking very hottest.

  • Pehobin3440

    Bulls should be Tina N.

  • Jun_7_81

    Lauren from the Mavericks and Brittany from the Kings.

  • The cheerleaders that stood out to me the most was the one from the Spurs, Suns, OKC Thunder, Warriors (who caught my eye the most out of all of them), Pacers, Cavs, Heat, Magic, Nets, and the Wizards.

  • Fantinesmith