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2012 NBA Mock Draft – Version 1.0

March 1, 2012 – Allen Moll

With the 2012 NBA Draft  now only 4 months away and the NCAA season nearing March Madness time, it’s time to take our initial look at the top 1st Round prospects for the upcoming Draft.

With no one player establishing themselves as the top dog on the collegiate level, this year may be harder to predict than most mocks in recent years.  There’s no doubting that UNC’s Harrison Barnes, Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, Baylor’s Perry Jones III, and UConn’s Andre Drummond will be in the mix for the top selection in June.

But which other elite level athletes will help comprise the remaining picks in the 1st Round?  Could the Top 30 picks include Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger or Kentucky’s Terrence Jones and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist?  How about Missouri’s Marcus Denmon or Duke’s Austin Rivers?  Better yet, maybe it will include UConn’s Jeremy Lamb or Syracuse’s Kris Joseph?

As such, these Mock Draft rankings are based on potential with this year’s Draft order based on current team records from the current regular season and outstanding trades. These are only my choices and not the consensus picks of all of The Hoop Doctors writers, with that said here is my 2012 Mock Draft:Version 1.0:

Draft Order College Team Player Position Physical



 Kentucky  Anthony Davis  PF/C  6’11  220lbs  Freshman
Few players over the past decade on the collegiate level have displayed the unique combination of  athletic ability and length(7’6 wingspan) of Davis.  He either dunks or blocks everything around the rim and just seems to do something amazing every game like singlehandedly winning games with a last second block or monster rebound.  With perhaps the highest ceiling of any player in the Draft, Davis oozes potential.  While he must develop a post game to compete at the next level, he can make an immediate impact on the game on both ends with his length and energy.  Many experts compare him to Marcus Camby with a higher upside offensively.



 UNC  Harrison Barnes  SF  6’8  215lbs   Sophomore
Possessing prototypical size and strength to succeed at the next level, Barnes has the potential to grow into a franchise player in the NBA.  He’s a do-it-all type player able to stroke the three or slash to the basket and finish with the best of them.  He’s especially good in catch-and-shoot situations from the perimeter and has become a much improved 3 point shooter.  He projects as an elite level scorer with outstanding character but some feel he lacks the killer instinct.



 Ohio State  Jared Sullinger  PF  6’8  250lbs   Sophomore
After chosing to return to college for his sophomore season, Jared has shown further evidence that he can be a low post double-double performer at the next level.  Even though he has shed some extra pounds and fought off injuries, he possesses arguably the most refined post game in college hoops.  Despite showing only average foot speed and athleticism for his position, he projects as a 10 year starter and prolific rebounder in the NBA.



 UConn  Andre Drummond  PF/C  6’11  255lbs   Freshman
Very few players over the past decade have possessed the NBA ready size and athleticism of Drummond.  Many scouts feel he is the best dominating big man to come out of the college ranks since Greg Oden a few seasons ago.  While Davis may be an athletic freak, Drummond may be the best long term pro prospect in the Draft, and he’s only 19 years old.  He needs to refine his offensive game but he reminds some of Amare Stoudemire, but much better as a rebounder and shot-blocker.



Baylor   Perry Jones III  PF  6’11   225lbs   Sophomore
Jones continues to be an enigmatic player as he has the unique combination of size and athleticism, along with ballhandling skills that we rarely see on any level of basketball.  Even in his 2nd season with Baylor, Jones tends to disappear during some games and still lacks that killer instinct that all great players possess.  Even though he stands nearly 7 feet, he prefers to face up and take his man off the dribble rather than bang in the paint.  I know we keep saying this but another year in college would do wonders for Jones as he undoubtedly has the talent to be a #1 overall pick.



 Kentucky  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist  SF  6’7  230lbs   Freshman
While his Kentucky teammate Anthony Davis gets most of the attention, Kidd-Gilchrist is the heart and soul of the nation’s #1 ranked team.  Perhaps no other player in college plays harder and wants to win as bad as Gilchrist.  While his jumpshot is still a work in progress, he is an amazing slasher that finishes well at the rim, usually with the and-one and is almost always the best defensive player on the floor.  Halfway through the season and his stock is going through the roof as NBA GM’s are beginning to consider him a franchise player in the mold of Gerald Wallace.



 Kansas  Thomas Robinson  PF  6’9  240lbs   Junior
As arguably the most physical player in this year’s Draft, Robinson bided his time behind the Morris twins until getting an opportunity to start this season.  He ranks at or near the top of everyone’s NCAA POY rankings as he is a double-double machine that looks to be more than capable of carrying a team deep into post-season play.  He is this year’s version of Blake Griffin continuallu punishing the rim and opposing big men.



 UConn  Jeremy Lamb  SG/SF  6’5  190lbs   Sophomore
Known previously as Kemba Walker’s sidekick on the NCAA Champion UConn squad last season, Lamb has come into his own as the leader of this season’s Huskies squad.  Although still a wiry thin, yet prolific scoring swingman, Lamb is said to have a 7 foot plus wingspan which bodes well on the defensive end going forward.  He has a much improved perimeter jumper and really excels in getting to the rim as well as having a deadly pull-up midrange game.  Some have gone as far as to compare him to NBA Hall of famer Reggie Miller.



Kentucky   Terrence Jones  PF  6’9  235lbs   Sophomore
Similar to Perry Jones, Kentucky’s Terrence Jones is also one of the most enigmatic players on the college level.  After returning to college for his sophomore campaign, there’s no doubting that he is the X factor in the Wildcats making a run at another NCAA crown.  Some games he can be unstoppable, driving through traffic for two-handed slams, rebounding at a high rate, and displaying a sweet left handed perimeter jumper, yet other games is virtually a non-factor either in foul trouble or riding the pine in coach Cal’s doghouse.  Some question his desire and basketball IQ but Jones undeniably has Top 10 talent.



 Duke  Austin Rivers  SG  6’5  195lbs   Freshman
As the former #1 rated HS player in the 2011 Class, alot was expected of Rivers, son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, in his initial season for Duke.  Success has come a bit slower than he anticipated as he struggles at times without the basketball and has committed a ton of turnovers.  Conversely, he leads the Blue Devils in scoring and has shown an innate ability to get to the rim and can comfortably shoot from NBA range from the perimeter.  Rivers never lacks confidence as he single-handedly sank the game winner to beat UNC during Rivalry Week.  No doubt a second season in front of the Crazies would do wonders as he currently reminds many of OJ Mayo of the Grizzlies.



 UNC  John Henson  PF/C  6’10  200lbs   Junior
As one of the nation’s best shot blockers, Henson helps anchor the Tarheels vaunted frontline along with Tyler Zeller and Harrison Barnes.  Whils still a tad light for his position, Henson has improved dramatically over the past year to be a potential Lottery selection.  His real asset is his extreme length and athleticism on the defensive side of the ball and is an above average rebounder in spite of average strength.  With added weight, Henson could be a 10 year starter for a team in need of frontcourt help.



Florida   Brad Beal  SG  6’4  185lbs   Freshman
Before he even stepped foot in an NCAA hardwood, many have compared Beal to NBA All Star Ray Allen.  Possessing similar size and offensive game, Beal is an outstanding passer, rebounder, and scorer for the 2 guard position.  While he still struggles with consistency and finding his own shot, Beal has as much potential as any player in this year’s Draft Class.  Another year at Florida would do wonders but many GM’s salivate at Beal’s all around skill set that many consider elite at any level.



 Florida  Patric Young  PF/C  6’9  230lbs   Sophomore
Young along with Kansas’ Thomas Robinson are undoubtedly the most physical of all the prospects in this year’s Draft.  Young is as chiseled as any current NBA player and is hands down a beast inside the painted area.  Still raw offensively, Patric has potential as an elite level rebounder and low post defender in the mold of Dwight Howard.  His fiery demeanor can sometimes get the best of him and must improve his low post moves to be a star at the next level but you will see Young beasting on NBA big men in the near future.



 Duke  Mason Plumlee  PF/C  6’10  225lb   Junior
Some may question Plumlee’s ranking so high but very few big men have the athleticism and physicality of Mason at the collegiate level.  The NBA is always lloking for skilled big men and Plumlee fit the bill as a sometimes ferocious frontcourt defender, rebounder, and above average scorer.  While he’ll never average 20 ppg in the pros, he has good hands and a soft touch to go along with a fiece dunking ability within the painted area.  He sometimes likes to face-up rather than use his athleticism and strength to overpower opponents, an area in need of improvement.  His rebounding number have increased as well as becoming one of the best shot blockers in the ACC Conference.  Mason is still far from a finished product but will be an NBA player in short order.



 Kentucky  Doron Lamb  SG  6’4  180lbs   Sophomore
As Kentucky’s most consistent offensive threat and leading scorer, Lamb has a future at the next level as an undersized, yet lights out perimeter scorer that does enough of everything to be a fringe starter and potential 6th man.  He has underrated point guard skills and has been a clutch shooter in his 2 years in Lexington.  Think a younger version of Ben Gordon.



 Missouri  Marcus Denmon  SG  6’3  185lbs   Senior
For teams that are in need of perimeter shooting and defense, Marcus Denmon is their man.  Although a tad undersized for the shooting guard position, Marcus personifies winning by doing a little bit of everything including scoring, rebounding, 3 point shooting, and playing the passing lanes.  He excels in the open floor rather than the half-court and definitely needs improvement in ballhandling but will provide excellent depth from the perimeter.



 UNC  Tyler Zeller  PF/C  6’11  230lbs   Senior
Having ideal size and strength for the center position, Zeller should be a solid player at the next level.  Despite only average athleticism he runs the floor exceptionally well and converts a high percentage around the rim.  Although almost exclusively a low post player, he does have limited range out to 18 feet, a skill that bodes well in the pick-and-roll heavy NBA.  After several injury prone years, Zeller has emerged as UNC’s primary offensive weapons and his stock is definitely on the rise.



 Baylor  Quincy Miller  SF/PF  6’9  200lbs   Freshman
Never lacking for confidence, Baylor’s fabulous freshman has arguably been the Bear’s most potent offensive player, especially with Perry Jones missing the early part of the season.  Much more comfortable as a face up, drive to the basket performer rather than a prototypical PF, Quincy probably has a future as a SF in the NBA.  If he decides to remain at Baylor another season, he undoubtedly could be one of the best players in all of college basketball.



 Illinois  Myers Leonard  C  7’0  245lbs   Sophomore
Meyers is a fluid big man with NBA ready size and an ever developing skill set that has improved dramatically from his freshman to sophomore seasons.  He runs the floor extremely well, can play well above the rim and has good quickness.  What stands out the most about him is his amazing agility for a player his size.  NBA GM’s are enamored with his unique combination of size, length, and shot blocking ability all in a legit 7 foot frame.



 Indiana  Cody Zeller  PF/C  6’11  225lbs   Freshman
The youngest of the Zeller brothers may have the most upside in the family.  As a freshman, Cody is miles ahead of his older brother at UNC as he already has above average strength and rebounding ability allowing him to operate well in the low post area.  He shows potential to be an above average rebounder as well as shot-blocker and shoots a high percentage from the FT line.  Cody also has above average handles and passing ability out of the post as well as a high basketball IQ.  Another season at Indiana would do wonders but becoming a 1st Rounder may be too tempting to pass up.



 Xavier  Tu Holloway  PG/SG  6’0  185lbs   Senior
As one of the nation’s top senior players, Holloway has helped lead the Musketeers on numerous deep NCAA Tournament runs in his 4 seasons in the Atlantic 10.  Despite his diminutive size, Tu is a well put together swingman probably best suited as a scorer than facillitator at the next level.  Although his involvement in an ugly brawl and comments made during the following press conference may raise questions about his character, Holloway has potential as a solid contributor in the NBA as a backup PG or 6th man.



 Washington  Terrence Ross  SF  6’6  180lbs   Sophomore
Even though most of the country hasn’t seen much of Ross playing out West in the Pac-12 Conference, he is hands down one of the nation’s most prolific perimeter scorers.  Once a HS teammate of Kentucky’s Terrence Jones, Ross has made a name for himself helping to lead the Huskies to another potential NCAA Tourney berth.  Although slight of build, Ross is an above average rebounder, capable defender, and is improving off the bounce and getting to the free throw line.  If Washington goes deep in March Madness, Ross may shoot up Mock Drafts because of finally getting some national exposure.



Syracuse  Kris Joseph  SF/PF  6’7   215lbs   Senior
In his 4 seasons under legendary coach Boeheim at Syracuse, Joseph has always played 2nd fiddle to players like Wes Johnson, Dante Green, and Jonny Flynn in recent seasons.  But as a senior, Joseph now leads the Cuse in scoring and uses his athleticism to become one of the ultimate stat stuffers in the Big East Conference.  Possessing prototypical size for the SF position, many are concerned with a supposed lack of killer instinct but it is sometimes hard to evaluate a player with so many talented supporting players.  I contest Joseph is one of those players that will be a better pro than collegiate player.



 Michigan  Tim Hardaway Jr  SG  6’6   200lbs   Sophomore
Possessing prototypical size for a SG and tremendous bloodlines as a son of former NBA great, Hardaway is a prolific scorer capable of dropping 30 points an any given night.  While he still has a ways to go as far as shot selection and ballhandling, NBA scouts will be enamored with his innate ability to score the rock.  It’s up in the air as to whether Hardaway will declare early or stay at Michigan to further develop and be a part of the growing resurgance of Michigan basketball.



 Kentucky  Marquis Teague  PG  6’2  190lbs   Freshman
As the next in line of NBA ready point guards under coach Calipari, Teague has come on strong as of late after struggling early to adjust to the college game.  Similar to his older brother, now playing for the Atlanta Hawks, Marguis is a well built, bullish PG, that excells in the open floor and at getting to the rim.  He has an ever improving perimeter game and plays above average defense which bodes well for him as a potential starting floor general at the next level.  Another year at Kentucky would do wonders but undoubtedly will be taken in the first round based on potential.



 NC State  CJ Leslie  SF  6’8  205lbs   Sophomore
As one of the nation’s best athletes, Leslie undoubtedly will one day be an NBA player.  Initially known as a HS teammate of John Wall, Leslie remains a very raw and unfinished product that can jump out of the gym.  Right now, he is an above average shot blocker, rebounder, and slasher but must improve his jump-shot and fundamentals to be a lasting NBA pro.



 UNC  Kendall Marshall  PG  6’4  190lbs   Sophomore
As arguably the nation’s best point guard prospect, Marshall reminds many of future NBA Hall of Famer Jason Kidd, as he can make an impact on a game without scoring a point.  He has unbelievable court vision and is the very best on the collegiate level at advancing the ball over opposing defenses on the fast break.  He is a decent defender and is a capable 3 point shooter that should be one of the first point guards taken in the 2012 Draft.



 Ohio State  William Buford  SG  6’6  190lbs   Senior
When his college career officially ends following this season, Buford will rank among the all time leading scorers in Ohio State history.  He has outstanding size and perimeter scoring stroke for the next level but has almost been enigmatic in his senior year, dissappearing from games.  Maybe it’s because he’s always been a supporting player behind Evan Turner, Greg Oden, and now Jared Sullinger but definitely has a future as a high scoring 2 guard in the NBA.



 Vanderbilt  John Jenkins  SG  6’4  215lbs   Junior
As arguably the nation’s best long range shooter, Jenkins could be a hot commodity on Draft day.  In his 3 seasons with Vandy, Jenkins has worked hard on his all around game but perimeter shooting will always be his primary talent.  He’s the SEC’s leading scorer and is a rare commodity as a guard that shoots 50% from the field, 40+% from 3PT, and 85% from the charity stripe.  Some national exposure in March Madness may be all that Jenkins needs to shoot up Draft boards.



 Memphis  Will Barton  SG  6’6  175lbs   Sophomore
As a former #1 rated shooting guard coming out of HS two seasons ago, Barton has been a key component to Memphis’ continued success in Conference USA.  Although still wiry thin, Barton scores as easily as any player in the nation and is the current scoring leader in conference.  Barton is capable of dropping 30 points in a variety of ways, including from behind the arc and getting to the rim.  He’s an outstanding rebounder and averages nearly 2 steals per game, making him a potential starter at the next level.


Allen Moll has been a lifelong NBA and NCAA College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously, and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.  Allen has also provided content to,,, CSN, Buckets Magazine, in addition to being a tenured NBA and NCAA columnist for

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