Thursday 21st June 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Mark Cuban Pushing for Player Ban on Playing in the Olympics

Mark Cuban for years has been voicing his opinion that NBA players shouldn’t be allowed to play in the Olympics or any other international competition while they are under contract in the pro’s. Obviously that opinion is highly prejudicial from the fact that he’s an owner who looks at his players as an investment. Here is what Cuban recently told the media:

“It’s just the epitome of stupidity that we would allow ourselves to be used so other corporations” — as Cuban calls the Olympics — “can make tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars,” Cuban said. “There’s some guys sitting at the Olympic headquarters going, ‘Those dumb-asses, we’re taking all their best guys for nothing.’ “

Cuban knows he’s unlikely to bring change to the system, but he said he will continue “fighting so that we’ll pull out.” (Quotes via ESPN Dallas)

Personally I think Cuban’s comments are very ignorant. Not everyone thinks in dollars in cents. I know Cuban is a capitalist and not part of the 99%, but he’s also an American. There are other considerations for players representing their Country in international play besides money. National pride for one is something Cuban obviously knows nothing about. If he had even an ounce of it, he would be not only supporting NBA players participating in the Olympics but pushing for it. Why? Because from a pure numbers perspective, the US players in the NBA are still the largest talent pool for any one country.

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