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19 Biggest NBA-Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Anklesnap December 29, 2011 Blogs 12 Comments

Check out these amazing doppelgangers for NBA players, you will think you are looking at their long lost twins!

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  • DVD

    Brandon Rush & Terrence Howard

    • RaptorRage

      Just looked those up on google images, they do look the same. lol

  • Ok

    are you kidding me? These people don’t look alike at all. You’re blind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Escalante/100001755951769 Robert Escalante

    Sean Rooks and jay z

  • Anonymous

    Aaron Brooks and Chris Rock, especially when Aaron was in college.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, never noticed it but now that you mention it that is a great one. Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry Torch

  • Jjaazzmmaann

    Phil Jackson looks more like the Baritone Sax player for the group “Tower Of Power” than he does Colonel Sanders.

  • Bromanchu

    The only one that I’ll agree with is the Rick Carlisle/Jim Carrey b/c I’ve thought they looked like brothers ever since I saw Rick.

  • Bill

    hahaha Ron Jeremy. Maybe SVG is hung like him too ROFLMAO

  • http://twitter.com/jimmy_frich James Frichner

    just because they have the same facial hair doesn’t mean they look the same…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ceasar.pagapong Ceasar Pagapong

    D Rose and Jean Claude Van Damme

  • charley

    how can you not have robert horry and will smith look a like? or rasheed wallace and ice cube look alike?