Saturday 09th December 2023,
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Beasley Shoves Fan at Dyckman Park in NY

The thing about these summer league games is that the environment is intimate. Michael Beasley found out for himself last night when he addressed a heckling fan by pushing him in his face during a game against Kevin Duant’s team.

The latest stop on Kevin Durant’s tour of the New York City streetball scene nearly turned ugly on Thursday night when fellow pro Michael Beasley got into an argument with a heckling fan and pushed him in the face with an open hand.

An irate Beasley was restrained by tournament security as the game at the Dyckman Tournament in Washington Heights was delayed for approximately 10 minutes.

Many at the game were taken aback by the Minnesota Timberwolves forward’s animated reaction to the crowd’s taunts.

“He has to know he’s going to hear (heckling) up here,” said one tournament official. “Doesn’t he know he can get sued for doing that?”

Shortly after the game, Oklahoma City Thunder star Durant tweeted, “Yo dyckman was too crazy … I had fun but we lost … my time in new york was cool … “

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