Tuesday 27th September 2022,
The Hoop Doctors

Deron Williams to Play in Turkey During Lockout?

With the NBA lockout threatening to claim either part or all of this upcoming NBA season, there are rumors that some players will play overseas to keep active and to earn some cash. But, Deron Williams?

Turkish TV Ntvspor (one of the most efficient sport channels in Turkey) announced few minutes ago that Besiktas agreed to terms with Deron Williams. The American point guard is expected to sign the contract any day and stay in Turkey until the lockout ends.

Ataman, coach of Besiktas, said, specifically referring to Deron Williams: ”We are in talks with Williams. He is a bigger star than Iverson and would be the best player in Europe.We are are close to an agreement,”he said.

Read more about the possibility of Deron playing in Turkey at Sportando.com.

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