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Is the Spurs Gary Neal Seeing Ghosts on the Court?

December 6, 2010 – Dr. Dime

We all know there is a lot of pressure on athletes to perform. We also know that NBA players undertake a borderline OCD level of routine when it comes to how they approach free throw shooting. To become one of the greats you need to be so repetitive in everything you do in the approach and set up to shooting a free throw, that the act itself becomes automatic. It’s all about visulation and repetition.

Well it seems the San Antonio Spurs Gary Neal is taking that a bit too much to heart as he must have incorporated even the shaking of hands with his teammates after a made free throw into his routine. But what do you do if you are shooting a technical free throw or end of duration free throw and your teammates aren’t close by? Well Gary Neal decided to improvise I guess….

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