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Most Brutal Foul In European Basketball History [Video]

November 8, 2010 – Allen Moll

We all know that pro hoops in Europe can some times get out of hand as teams overseas can have every bit as rabid of fanbases as their American counterparts. International basketball outside of the United States is treated as life and death, as evidence of a number of recent incidents involving violence, even to the point that riot gear is needed to control the participants.

Just this June some unruly fans in obvious disagreement of some referee’s calls in the Greek League Finals threw explosives onto the court.  Also in June more than 18 players were ejected during a melee in the Serbian League Finals. Or who could forget the fanatical fan that climbed on top of the backboard to cheer on his squad?

But in my opinion the foul perpetrated by a player during a game between Union Olimpija and Panathinaikos in the Euroleague recently is the most un-sportsmanlike foul ever committed during a game. Mike Baptiste of Olimpija stomps on the head of a fallen opposing player and is promptly ejected. But in good sportsmanship, Baptiste walks over to the fallen player to apologize after several urgings by his head coach. To me this ranks right up there with Chris Paul while at Wake Forest punching a player below the belt.

Check out the Worst Foul in Euro Hoops History:

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  • c1x

    Damn, that is one brutal head stomp. Hope he got some fine or something more than just an ejection.

  • Sung Seets

    Dude, those guys are like totally insane.

  • Saint Huck

    Am I the only one who thinks it didn’t look intentional?

    • Anklesnap

      @Saint Huck, I did get an email saying they thought the guy in white purposefully stuck his head under Baptiste’s foot. I assumed it was a sarcastic joke. Seemed pretty intentional to me. But who knows what was going through his head when he did it…

  • juancho

    Mike Batiste plays at Panathinaikos not in Olimpia!

  • txaume

    live or die sports only outisde USA? come on you fucking yankees! Take a look at your NHL.

    • Justin

      @txaume, No one in the US cares about the NHL.

    • c1x

      @txaume, plus its a Canadian sport anyways the NHL, not a “yankee” sport as you put it.

  • Hello. Baptiste plays for Panathinaikos. Olimpija was the team of the victim

  • wizcocho

    The way he goes to the basket is already worth an expulsion. Watch 0:30, he puts his knee on the defender face. Batiste should spend a looong time without playing basket.


    The guy deserved it. He should be thrown out of the league for undercutting Batiste. If you take a charge, that’s one thing. If you slide over, while leaning back, you’re saying “I want to risk ending your career.” Batiste reacted properly. You try to end my career, I’ll try to end yours.


      @FNULNU, What’re you, fucking stupid? He didn’t lean back neither. Charge is a charge. That’s probably a 30+ game suspension in the NBA

    • loco

      you sir are a troll ….or just incredibly stupid

  • c1x

    Is this the league Iverson is heading to play in? Good luck Allen!

  • yiannis76gr

    Greetings from Greece, for your information Mike has allready apologize for that foul and even the player of Olimpia admitted that it wasn’ t intentional!!

    • kgb

      @yiannis76gr, If you think that wasn’t intentional, come on over to the USA, the Republican party can use more gullible members such as yourself (and anyone else believing that crap).

    • loco


      are you serious, he accepted his apology the next minute just because he didnt see it was intentional. And after watching a clip, he KNOWS that it was intentional.

      Its the ither way around, Mike admits it was intentional, but he says, he doesnt know who that stomping person was.

  • Charlie

    That has happened before, in the ABA, Warren Jabali stomped Jim Jarvis.

  • Catfan1943

    This player is probably a follower of Duke’s Christian Laetner. Laetner, however, was not ejected for his stomp of a Kentucky player, and got to stay around and hit a game winning shot!

  • Michael

    I’m from Ljubljana (the home of Olimpija) and I can tell you that Batiste didn’t even get ejected. His coach pulled him out but later put him back in, when they were playing OT. Fortunately we won. I think he should been suspended for at least half a season, but probably nothing will happen, because teams with money control the tournament and we are just a small team. Peace

  • I hope he was suspended for life, and his kids can’t play in the NBA either

  • Eurobasket 2011

    I agree. We can’t tolerate such a stupid things and he should be suspended.