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Most Brutal Foul In European Basketball History [Video]

November 8, 2010 – Allen Moll

We all know that pro hoops in Europe can some times get out of hand as teams overseas can have every bit as rabid of fanbases as their American counterparts. International basketball outside of the United States is treated as life and death, as evidence of a number of recent incidents involving violence, even to the point that riot gear is needed to control the participants.

Just this June some unruly fans in obvious disagreement of some referee’s calls in the Greek League Finals threw explosives onto the court.  Also in June more than 18 players were ejected during a melee in the Serbian League Finals. Or who could forget the fanatical fan that climbed on top of the backboard to cheer on his squad?

But in my opinion the foul perpetrated by a player during a game between Union Olimpija and Panathinaikos in the Euroleague recently is the most un-sportsmanlike foul ever committed during a game. Mike Baptiste of Olimpija stomps on the head of a fallen opposing player and is promptly ejected. But in good sportsmanship, Baptiste walks over to the fallen player to apologize after several urgings by his head coach. To me this ranks right up there with Chris Paul while at Wake Forest punching a player below the belt.

Check out the Worst Foul in Euro Hoops History:

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