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Kobe Bryant Gets His Very Own “How My Ass Taste” Video

June 22, 2010 – Allen Moll

Remember back in 2008 when Shaquille O’Neal made a diss video aimed at former teammate Kobe Bryant after the “Black Mamba” fell short in the 2008 NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics? Surely you do since the video had such a catchy hook aptly named “How My Ass Taste.” Now that Kobe’s fortunes have changed by defeating the Celtics in this year’s NBA Finals and winning his 5th overall World Title, he now has one more than his former teammate Shaq(Kobe’s 5 to Shaq’s 4). Since Shaq is usually the prankster of the two, we probably won’t hear a revenge rap video dissing the future Hall of Fame big man, but late night talk show comedian Jimmy Kimmel has his back by producing one for him.

It’s no secret that Mr Kimmel is a huge basketball fan as he continually runs skits on his shows that include some of the NCAA and NBA’s best players. In the past he has run some pretty hilarious bits like the NBA Dating Game featuring Amare Stoudemire and Grant Hill, and who could forget Lebron James losing in Pop-A-Shot to a busboy?

But his newest bit takes the cake as he attempts to get some revenge on Shaq now that Kobe has more rings. Kimmel takes “How My Ass Taste” to a whole new level as he runs a promo video for the new Kobe Ass-Erosa Steak House. Customers can order their very own 100% lean Kobe steak or burger which looks and is shaped just like a pair of butt cheeks. Other added comedic tidbits include baked beans and corn as toppings, and the meat is even served on a plate with Kobe’s likeness, with his back facing towards you and the butt cheek shaped steak in the appropriate place. But the best art of the video is at the end where Shaq is seen taking a bite out of the tasty Kobe steak burger.

Watch and enjoy:

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