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Rasheed Wallace Scores on His Own Net

April 14, 2010 – Dr. Dime

Rasheed Wallace CelticsIt’s a conspiracy, Rasheed Wallace must want the Bulls to make the playoffs. Rasheed Wallace is so good he scores on both nets. Sheed must have missed the memo that after half-time the teams switched ends. Mad that the Bulls again couldn’t score, Wallace thought he’d show ’em how it is done. LOL.

All sarcasm and kidding aside, what was Rasheed Wallace doing last night on this play? Was he trying to throw the ball to himself off the backboard? I don’t understand what he could have been thinking about, other than a minor brain glitch where he thought he was offensive rebounding and had such good position that he could make the easy bucket off the put back. Didn’t take him long to realize his mistake though, as he ducked his head in shame. Rightfully so Sheed. That one is going to make blooper reels for years to come:

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