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NBA Power Rankings: Week 19

The Hoop Doctors NBA Power Rankings

March 11, 2010 – Chip Patterson

NBA Power Rankings


Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Mavericks

I could have sworn their streak was going to end on Thursday night with their horrendous start against the Nets at home.  But the Mavericks woke up in the second half and proved for the 13th time why they are the true “Trade Deadline Winners.”


Dallas Mavericks

Cleveland Cavaliers

Three days off are just what the Cavs needed to heal James, Jamison, and let the sand fall through the hourglass until Big Z makes his return to Cleveland.  What’s scary is that the rest of the Cavs are still good enough to beat San Antonio.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Orlando Magic

Benchmark win for the Magic on Sunday against the Lakers.  Orlando’s win in the physical battle was a wake up call to the West that the Magic are going to refuse to be bullied.  Oh yeah, don’t think the boys in Cleveland didn’t take note as well.


Orlando Magic

Los Angeles Lakers

I hope I didn’t curse the Lakers by putting them in the top spot last week.  But losing three straight games to teams from the Southeast division is not a championship caliber move in March.



Utah Jazz

The Jazz are averaging 117 points per in their current four game winning streak.  Who knew that a Jazz-Bucks game in March would be so intriguing, but if you can catch it tomorrow night, I suggest you do.


Phoenix Suns

Denver Nuggets

After a quick stumble, the Nuggets have righted the ship in the last week.  With quality wins over Oklahoma City and Portland they are somehow keeping a grip on the top spot in the Northwest Division, which could easily send four teams to the playoffs.


Denver Nuggets

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Phenomenon has reached a point where now you are almost waiting for some kind of collapse.  It seems too good to be true that after winning 43 games in the last two years COMBINED, they are on track to surpass that mark easily this season.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix has the opportunity that everyone in the NBA wishes for: an entire week off before hosting the Lakers at home.  The Suns are catching up on some much needed rest before facing the Lakers and their last 17 games of the regular season.


Phoenix Suns

Atlanta Hawks

Bad back-to-back losses against the Knicks and Heat bring about questions of whether the high flying Hawks have the competitive edge to ever make a run in the Eastern Conference.  There is no doubt they will fire back up again come playoff time, but as long as this crowd continues to hit a wall midseason, they will never be part of the NBA elite.


Boston Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks

I love the “Fear The Deer” meme that has caught on in the NBA world.  Who would have thought that John Salmons was the player that could invigorate this team.  Well, I still think it’s those youthful legs on Stackhouse, but we can argue about that later.


Portland Trailblazers

San Antonio Spurs

Is George Hill the point guard of the future for the Spurs.  With Tony Parker’s hand continuing to keep him on the sideline, we will certainly find out.  San Antonio can exercise an option on Hill at the end of the season, and depending on how the next month goes, they just may.


Houston Rockets

Portland Trailblazers

Have the Blazers just had the worst injury luck of any season ever?  Joel Pryzybilla re-injured himself getting into the shower.  I wish I could make that up.  Hey! You! Stop laughing! Okay, okay, it is kind of funny.



Charlotte Bobcats

And just when you are ready to right the ‘Cats off for another season…BAM.  Four game winning streak.  Maybe it’s MJ, maybe it’s the Larry Brown-Clippers rumors, but things seem to be back on track for the moment in Charlotte.  That battle in the East will come down to the last week of play, Bobcats just need to make sure they are the correct side of the 8 seed.



Miami Heat

My pick for the team that will get left out of the race, Miami continues to catch criticism for being a one-man team.  That is probably because they are entirely a one-man team.  The Miami Wades will run out of steam at some point unless Quentin Richardson decides to go 2005 on us and find consistency from long range.


Sacramento Kings

Boston Celtics

The Celtics are disappointing, old, and most likely pretty smelly.  Their performances on court make you shake your head as much as their postgame comments, and that “I’m sad so I’m gonna talk into my towel” thing Garnett does is MISERABLE.



Toronto Raptors

Stuck in the 5 to 9 grind over in the East, the Raptors need to start treating every game like a must-win.  Their defense continues to be atrocious and in losing five out of their last six games they are slowly playing their way down the totem pole.  It is no way to keep Bosh in Toronto this summer, that is for sure.



New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets probably have reached a point of acceptance regarding their playoff chances and now have taken the role of a dangerous giant-killer.  New Orleans is dangerous, and capable of beating good teams, they just need to do it more to live up to that role.



Memphis Grizzlies

Doesn’t get much better than Memphis beating the C’s in the Garden in front of a silent crowd.  At 34-31 the Grizzlies would be a 6 seed in the East right now.  Unfortunately, the Team formerly known as Vancouver resides in the West.  One spot out, 3.5 games back.


Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

With Ariza healthy the Rockets can make a decent run at the playoffs, but in reality this team is waiting on the return of Yao and the 2010-2011 season already.


Los Angeles Clippers

Chicago Bulls

Losing Joakim Noah for three weeks may end up being the reason the Bulls don’t make the playoffs this season.  But if they do, the credit will go entirely to Derrick Rose who is averaging 26 points and 6 assists in their last 5 games.  He is basically doing, you know, everything.



New York Knicks

Will Eddy Curry and Tracy McGrady both be healthy and on the same floor for the Knicks at all this season?  Might have to create a drinking game around it if they start to do so.



Detroit Pistons

Hey, look who decided to show up and make things interesting?  The Pistons have started clicking again, and had this been December we could have been talking about making a playoff push.  But it’s too little too late for Detroit, and that wealth of talent will begin their offseason in the middle of April.



Philadelphia 76ers

Eddie Jordan needs to walk around with a fire extinguisher because that fire under his seat is blazing.  Anyone will tell you that the Sixers coach is gone at seasons end, and I have heard there is a chance it could be as soon as April 16.



Sacramento Kings

Carl Landry’s numbers continue to rise with his new starting position in Sacramento, but unfortunately the hole they put themselves in is far too deep to get out.



Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are walking into a Hornets nest on Friday in Boston with an angry Celtics team that needs to just clobber somebody to make themselves feel better.  I bet they even pull Josh McRoberts outside in an alley just to put icing on the cake.


Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards

The Wiz are averaging 83.0 points in their last four games.  That would be great if they are playing in March Madness, but it’s the NBA in March.  You need to play 48 minutes of decent basketball to win games.



Los Angeles Clippers

Not exactly the way that we expected Dunleavy to go out, but now his era in Los Angeles is officially over.  If the Larry Brown rumors come to fruition, he could do some damage pulling this group together.  But it would require 100 percent commitment from Baron.  Good luck.



Golden State Warriors

What?  Oh Don Nelson just realized the season is still going on?  Yeah, you’re in the gutter right now Nellie, now start figuring out what you are going to do next year with a healthy Brandan Wright and the number 3 pick in the draft.



Minnesota Timberwolves

Best part about March for the Timberwolves?  They get to drool over who their next college stud draft pick is going to be.  Speaking of, Minnesota does have the potential to hold on to FIVE picks in the 2010 draft.  Scary.


New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets

Two wins in their last six games! The Nets are making 10 wins seem more likely and it has been thanks to some much improved play from Courtney Lee.

Chip Patterson, graduate of University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, writes for and serves as Basketball Editor for

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