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NBA Power Rankings: Week 16

The Hoop Doctors NBA Power Rankings

February 18, 2010 – Chip Patterson

NBA Power Rankings


Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers

Losing Big Z could be bad karma for the Cavs. He had been with the organization longer than any other player on the roster and had battled through all the losing seasons hoping to see the promised land. However, Jamison may be better than karma.


Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

As Kobe continues to rest, it is drawing up murmurs that this injury may be much worse than anyone has previously been led to believe. I know it’s never good to poke a sleeping dragon, and that Kobe most likely is just saving up for a mammoth playoff performance.



Utah Jazz

Staying out of the trade deadline madness has been good for the Jazz.  It shows that the front office and coaching staff have confidence that the roster they have assembled is gong to be the best to make a playoff push.  With 29 games left, it’s time to roll.


Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

The Magic are playing great basketball right now and starting to look like the only other team that can give the Cavaliers a run in the Eastern Conference.  Interestingly enough, with the Jamison trade, I think Rashard Lewis becomes the most important player on this team defensively.


Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets

Sincerest prayers go to Coach George Karl and his family.  The Nuggets can sustain without him, and I hope that they are able to pull together a nice run to be in the best position when he comes back in mid-April.


Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns

The world sits and waits while the future of Amar’e Stoudamire now seems to be in the hands of Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.  Will they be able to pull together a package that Steve Kerr finds appropriate?  Only time will tell.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder

Seven straight wins.  Durantula’s 25+ streak rolls on.  As long as they don’t burn out, this is a dangerous team to run into for a seven game series.


Phoenix Suns

Atlanta Hawks

Difficult road swing coming up for the Birds, but the matchups will be fantastic to test the Hawks athletic ability.  Phoenix, Golden State, and Utah are all used to scoring in bunches, so let’s see if the Hawks can keep up.


Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

Few teams were as talked about in the last few weeks of trade talk without any action.  Here with only hours until the deadline, the only discussion revolves around bringing in Nate Robinson.  I’m not dogging Krypto-Nate, but I have trouble seeing how that makes a huge difference for Boston.


Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas was able to beef up their front line with the trade and it is believed that now they have pulled themselves up into the same level as Utah in the West. Getting Butler out of Washington is like letting a child out the house in Summer after he’s been grounded for a week.  I expect big things from the big D in the next couple weeks.


Sacramento Kings

Toronto Raptors

The only consolation for a tough OT loss to the Grizzlies can only be a back-to-back against New Jersey and Washington.  Congrats Raps, you got it.


Houston Rockets

Portland Trailblazers

Marcus Camby may be shocked and disappointed with the move out of LA, but I love this trade from the Blazers.  Aldridge is a great power forward, but the Blazers had no real shot blocking presence down low.  Not anymore.


Portland Trailblazers

San Antonio Spurs

DeJuan Blair may have impressed in the Rookie’s upset of the Sophomore’s on Friday, but that will not necessarily translate to improved play for the knee-less big man in the regular season.  Sitting in the seventh spot in the West, the Spurs are in danger or falling out of the playoffs for the first time since the 1996-1997 season.


Los Angeles Clippers

Charlotte Bobcats

Odd that the thorn in the Bobcats side has been the New Jersey Nets.  The only team in the Association to have lost to New Jersey twice is not an accolade to write home about.  Larry Brown will have his hands full keeping this team from unraveling with all the front office turmoil.



New Orleans Hornets

Darren Collison alone might cause the 2011 lockout.  He is currently only making just north of $1 milion for this season and next, with a team option for a third year.  He has already proved his worth is far beyond that.



Miami Heat

They have only one real shot at this: they have to get Amar’e, by 3PM today.



Chicago Bulls

Clearing Salmons freed up some serious cap space for the Bulls, but does that mean they are done trying to get rid of Tyrus Thomas?  If so, the Bulls could all of the sudden become a player in the free agent market.  Maybe trying to bring another home-town boy in (cough cough, DWade, cough).


Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

Ding Dong! McGrady’s Gone!  Additionally, getting a healthy-esque Kevin Martin out of this has got to feel good if you are the Rockets.  I like Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin in the backcourt together. A lot.



Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies’ slide before the break now has them 3.5 games out of the playoffs and dead last in their division.  What was once a promising glimmer of youth seems to have hit a wall.  I would love to see this team make a run in March, but history says young teams like this normally don’t.



Milwaukee Bucks

John Salmons’ sticky player option gets unloaded on Milwaukee and now they have to decide who is going to be sent to Chicago.  Salmons will quickly become a top option offensively, and will quickly find himself battling against his old team for a playoff position.



Philadelphia 76ers

Another team that was heavy in trade talks with Iguodala and Brand, but now seems as though they will hold tight until 3 PM.  Philadelphia is not a particularly appealing place to be right now.  I enjoyed watching Jrue Holiday get some backcourt time without AI to develop but, sigh, he’s back.



Los Angeles Clippers

Wednesday April 7, the Clippers welcome back a very confused and upset Marcus Camby to the Staples Center.  My guess is 17 points, 19 rebounds, and 5 blocks.  Have fun dealing with that grudge.


Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit Pistons

With Wilson’s resignation, a recap of his time as President made me realize some of the painful decisions in his tenure.  Most recently, Ben Gordon’s 5-year, $55 million contract.



New York Knicks

Well, looks like the Knicks will in fact get McGrady in the three-way Kevin Matin deal.  (runs to kitchen, makes popcorn and snacks) This will be interesting to watch.



Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are like that old couch that you have had for years.  You like keeping it around, but you don’t mind when it gets spilled on treated improperly.



Sacramento Kings

Alright Tyreke. K-Mart is gone.  Time to do Tyreke things.



Washington Wizards

I like Al Thornton a lot, but the clean up power forward does not always do the best job creating his own shot.  Thankfully, there will be Randy Foye.



Minnesota Timberwolves

If you were starting an NBA team from scratch at the end of this season, how many Timberwolves would you want to have on your team.  They are team of future talent, just not for this year.



Golden State Warriors

With Monta out, who knew that Stephen Curry and C.J. Watson would end up being a better backcourt all along?  Okay, that’s extremely debatable, or flat out wrong, but it worked last night.  Maybe they should have dangled out Monta a little more to see if they could get anything for him.


New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets

Hey, the win over the Bobcats is one closer to 11!

Chip Patterson, graduate of University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, writes for TheHoopDoctors.com and serves as Basketball Editor for BusterSports.com.

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