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The Hoop Doctors

NBA Power Rankings: Week 14

The Hoop Doctors NBA Power Rankings

February 4, 2010 – Chip Patterson

NBA Power Rankings


Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers

Another no-loss week in the books for the Cavs.  After tonight’s rematch of Wade v. Lebron, it will be even smoother sailing with home games against the Knicks and Nets.  If the Cavs are not in this same position next week, I’ll shave MY eyebrows off.


Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Home has never looked so good.  Going 5-3 on their “Grammy Trip” certainly took a toll on the Lakers, and it was obvious on Wednesday night against the Bobcats.  Unfortunately there is not much time to recover as Denver, Portland, San Antonio and Utah lie in their immediate future.



Utah Jazz

The second longest winning streak in the Association continues to roll at 7.  The Jazz are having some serious fun out on the court sharing the ball; and with Chris Paul out, Deron Williams takes the throne as the game’s best point guard.


Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets

Having the game’s leading scorer sitting on the bench has not been great for the Nuggets.  However, if there is a time to have ‘Melo sit, it would definitely be now.  Far from the real playoff spot crunch time, the bench is getting some great experience that could come in handy later on.


Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

How the hell does Larry Frank’s presence help bring Vince out of his slump?  Carter looked dismal in January, but appears to be turning it around early in the month.  Calling the Magic confused is accurate, but they are still one of the best teams in the East so…I don’t know, you figure them out.


Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks

One of the best records in the league, one of the most talented teams in the league, yet somehow this team is incredibly unhappy.  Josh Howard is frustrated, Mark Cuban thinks the team sucks, and when not distracted with ASG 2010, Cubes is reportedly looking to make a trade before the deadline.


Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

Paul Pierce’s foot scare should be a perfect example of how the window for the Celtics is damn near closed.  They will still be fine without him in the regular season, but it will soon become painfully obvious that when this team is not 100 percent, they cannot be the championship team they expect.


Phoenix Suns

Atlanta Hawks

Josh Smith’s All-Star snub will hopefully result in a statistical second half of the season of historical proportions.  My expectations you ask?  Try 16 points, 15 rebounds, and 9 blocks per.  It wouldn’t surprise me.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder’s mild stumble and quick rise back to fame revealed a great characteristic in Durant’s demeanor.  When things have not been going well for OKC, he doesn’t get overly frustrated or quit on his teammates.  He seems to genuinely love this collection of players, and it continues to be fun as hell to watch.


Sacramento Kings

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors have been looking like a Western Conference team as of late with their triple digit scores and neglect of the defensive side of the ball.  Hedo can tell you what makes the difference though.


Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns

The Suns have picked a good time to put together a nice win streak.  Heading into the break hot will keep Steve Kerr from making a drastic change and dishing Amar’e.  Keeping Amar’e down low is what lets new sharpshooters Dudley and Frye keep separation, and without him down low their looks will be much more contested.


Houston Rockets

Portland Trailblazers

Huge props to the Trailblazers for doing all that they can to make the most of a miserable health situation this season.  Andre Miller has found new life in Roy’s absence and Juwan Howard still won’t chill out.  Props boys, Props.



Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis was able to survive a tumultuous stretch that tested their bandwagon.  It seems that with Randolph’s All-Star nod and stealing a win at the end of the Laker’s “Grammy Run” will be enough to keep the momentum going.


Portland Trailblazers

San Antonio Spurs

This upcoming road trip could be the tolling of the bell for this 2010 Spurs team.  It is very likely that San Antonio could be going into the All-Star break on a four game losing streak and only Duncan representing them down the road in Dallas.



Chicago Bulls

Remember when I asked everyone “How does VDN still have a job?”  Well I am considering pulling a Rick Morrisey and eating my words on this one.  Derrick Rose seems to be bothered none by the ankle and the Bulls have hit their stride.


Los Angeles Clippers

Charlotte Bobcats

The red-hot Bobcats finally got a dose of reality on their West coast swing.  But thankfully for the ‘Cats, they were able to find a few unexpected W’s.  Gerald Wallace picked up the franchise’s first All-Star nod and things are generally looking alright…for now.



New Orleans Hornets

Chris…Paul…ughhh.  I’m sorry I can’t finish writing this, it’s just too sad.


Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

February 18 looms, and a certain Mr. McGrady is still on the Rockets payroll.  Whether or not they are able to move him is still in question, but Ariza has fallen off and is certainly not a proper McGrady substitute.



Miami Heat

The Heat continue to jump up and down these power rankings like it’s a trampoline.  Every time they get hot, they start to play there way out of the playoffs.  This will most likely end with them as a low seed that will lose in 5 games in the first round.



Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers aren’t playing together anymore, and their recent losses are proving that this team is a decent team when they are on the same page.  When they are not, they are a very, very bad team.



Milwaukee Bucks

How great would it have been if the Bucks had been able to trade Michael Redd when they got the chance.  I imagine the explosive device inside his ACL looked similar to one in the old Batman television series with Adam West.  BOOM! POW! KILLINGJENNINGSROOKIESEASON!



New York Knicks

Along similar lines with Josh Smith, I would like to see David Lee go on his All Star Snub campaign which clearly began with his 29 point, 18 rebound performance against the Raptors on the evening of the announcement.



Indiana Pacers

How the hell did these guys score 130 on the Raptors?  How did the basketball gods let this happen?  In unrelated news, Hansbrough’s average right now is 59%.  That’s not field goal percentage folks, that how many games he’s played in.



Philadelphia 76ers

Prop bet for ya here – Allen Iverson Effort During Regular Season (+5.5) ALLEN IVERSON EFFORT IN ALL STAR GAME.


Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit Pistons

John Kuester has loads of talent on his roster, and seems to have no idea how to balance it or pull together a winning rotation.  Right now, he might have the hottest seat in the Eastern Conference.



Sacramento Kings

Jason Thompson has been whining.  But does that mean he will definitely get traded?  Will they be able to get something in return that is valuable.  I think that Kings fans have this fantasy that they will be able to make a trade before the deadline and make a successful playoff push.  Wake up folks, you are in the West.



Golden State Warriors

Has Brandan Wright come back yet?  I miss that guy.



Washington Wizards

Caron Butler is a marked man through the Northeast after killing Pierce’s foot.  I am semi-convinced he is faking his own injury to avoid the wrath of the Boston fans.



Minnesota Timberwolves

Looks like Kevin Love will get his deserved face time and recognition nationally, but it will come during the Rookie-Sophomore game over the All Star Break..


New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets

The stats are in, the Nets would still beat the Kentucky Wildcats.  It’s time to end that discussion.

Chip Patterson, graduate of University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, writes for TheHoopDoctors.com and serves as Basketball Editor for BusterSports.com.

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