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Jarrett Jack Ties Shoe During Game, Deng Does Nothing [Video]

December 6, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

The Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls have both been criticized internally and externally to the teams that they are underperforming thus far this season given the talent on their rosters. Often complacency is sited by fans, coaches and even the players. But I think I just saw a play that takes the cake when it comes to complacency.

In the middle of the live game action in their game this weekend, Raptors Guard Jarrett Jack received a pass on the perimeter. He then notices his shoelace is untied. So while he’s holding the ball he bends down and slowly/calmly ties up his shoe. If that wasn’t odd enough, it got weird when Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls just stood there and watched without trying to steal the ball from him. Is there some sort of honor system i’m not aware of? Is the NBA just a more organized version of your local recreation center pick up game? Anyhow, have a laugh, you may not see this again for a while:

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  • And he traveled on the catch. FAIL.

  • That’s just good sportsmanship. It’s like in soccer when a player is injured and the other team has the ball, it is usually kicked out of bounds. It’s bad sportsmanship to take advantage of a situation like that.

  • Lee

    Because its dangerous to be running around with your laces undone? Good sportsmanship that they let him do up his shoes, thats all it is.

  • rapidshare man

    Awesome! Thnaks

  • Alan Riaso

    Wow what a boring sport.

  • Philly Lou

    Raptors and Bulls both = fail

  • Brett

    Better sportsmanship would have been to pass the ball, then tie your shoe.

  • i dont know what these guys were smoking before the game ..

  • True, but college players are fighting to be in the NBA and make millions.

  • Jared

    jack stated in a aticle that he took the chance to tie his shoe because deng and rose got their defensive matchups switched and they looked confused so he took the time to tie his lace its got nothin to do with sportmanship Chicago was just off the ball that night

  • @Jared – if the Bulls got their defensive matchups confused than Jack should have taken advantage of the situation to try and score and not tie his shoes and let them get organized defensively. If thats the case the Raptors, specifically Jack are to be ridiculed instead.

  • it is not as bad as dancing on the sideline that’s for sure

  • Why oh why did I bet against the Harlem Globetrotters!

  • He gets thrown the ball then ties his shoe? what an .

  • vzw

    True, but college players are fighting to be in the NBA and make millions.

  • mrwords

    He gets thrown the ball then ties his shoe? what an .

  • This is a prime example of why college basketball is superior to the NBA. There’s way more heart and intensity in college basketball than in the NBA. In college basketball a player would be absolutely torn apart by his coach if he did this.