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The Spurs Cooking Challenge

November 25, 2009 – Allen Moll

Allen Moll is an avid NBA and College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Allen is a regular columnist for thehoopdoctors.com, Bleacherreport.com, UpperDeckblog.com, and his own site, Hoops Haven.

Maybe some of the walking wounded for the San Antonio Spurs can audition for the Iron Chef Show on the Food Network since they have a lot of extra time because of their numerous injuries leading to a dismal 5-6 record this season. Apparently they are trying this idea out, as evidence of this video…………No, not really, but Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Anthony Parker, and the “Iceman” George Gervin are actually in costume as chefs in training as part of a new advertising campaign for HEB Creamy Creations Ice Cream in the San Antonio area. Seeing the “Big Fundamental” dressed as a Jamaican, with dreadlocks to boot, is just plain hilarious. Selecting from a variety of Parker’s French Vanilla Brie, Duncan’s Curry and Sweet Cream, or Ginobili’s chocolate something yuck, would be a tough choice for anyone! Maybe a little more rehab and practice would be time better spent to improve their sub .500 record?

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