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Kobe Bryant Rewind: 60+ Point Scoring Games

Kobe Bryant Rewind: 60+ Point Scoring Games

November 6, 2009 – Allen Moll

Allen Moll is an avid NBA and College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Allen is a regular columnist for thehoopdoctors.com, Bleacherreport.com, UpperDeckblog.com, and his own blog, Hoops Haven .

We here at Hoopdoctors are big fans of Kobe Bryant’s game. He is the total package, elite scorer, supreme defender, and proven winner. The NBA’s current overall best player in the game. Although he has nothing left to prove, his drive and desire to succeed is among the league’s best. In this new multi-part series we will take a look back at some hidden gems caught on video showcasing some of the “Black Mamba’s” biggest and best moments in his HS and NBA career.

Part Seven – 60 Point Scoring Games

Few players in the history of the game have the offensive skill set to score 60 or more points in a game. In the modern era, Kobe and Jordan have proven to be the most lethal offensive weapons the NBA has seen since Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor in the early days of the league. Although Jordan has had more high scoring games in terms of sheer numbers, Kobe has one up on “His Airness” with his 81 point game in 2006, which ranks 2nd All Time behind Wilt’s 100 points in 1962. Even though he has won only one scoring title, he has averaged 20+ ppg in 10 of his 13 seasons and has the 9th highest single season scoring average in history when he hit for a 35.4 ppg clip in ’05-’06. He has 5 scoring games of 60 points or more, including a 65 point game against Portland, and a 62 point game against Dallas, in which he only played the first three quarters, and a 61 point game against the Knicks, which set the record as the highest scoring game in Madison Square Garden history. Here is some footage of Kobe’s highest scoring games:

Watch all 81 of Kobe’ points in his 81 point game:

Kobe scores 65 points vs Portland in 2007:

Kobe sets MSG record with 61 points:

Watch Kobe become only the 2nd player to ever score 50+ points four games in a row:

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  • Cant top that!

  • xris






    Its a lot easier to score against 6 foot to 6-3 guards than it is to score against todays defensive specialists that are bigger than you are.

  • Jeff

    @xris – your comment about harder to score on bigger more athletic players would make sense if it weren’t for the current no hand checking rule and the fact that the game was a lot more physical back when Jordan played. Ask any veteran in the league and they will tell you it is much easier to score in the current NBA game than it was back when Jordan was playing.

    P.S. Jordan was a decent defender too. Defensive Player of the Year sound familiar?

  • Kevin


    While Kobe may have more 60 point games….how many were against winning teams? Let me help you… Of games where they scored 50+ points… Jordan did it 71% of the time against teams with winning records. Kobe? only about 35-40%.

    Kobe’s 81 point game? Against the Raptors. Are they still in the league? LOL
    Compare that with Jordan’s 63 points against the Celtics which many will argue was the best team ever assembled.

    Kobe’s good…but not in any way better than Jordan.

  • Am I the only one who caught the “Black Mama” misspelling in the first paragraph?? Allen Moll – you should fix that ASAP.

  • Sergeo

    “@xris – your comment about harder to score on bigger more athletic players would make sense if it weren’t for the current no hand checking rule and the fact that the game was a lot more physical back when Jordan played. Ask any veteran in the league and they will tell you it is much easier to score in the current NBA game than it was back when Jordan was playing.”

    Not true. There was no zone defense back then. Jordan went by the first man with a relatively easy pass to the basket. Kobe has to rely more on his midrange game. (although MJ is the master of the midrange).

    There is much more parity in todays game. Jordan did not play against a greater overall skill set of athletes. Even less so in the 80’s when all they gas were the lakers, celtics and occasionally the rockets and sixers.

    With that said, as a Kobe fan, you can only say that Kobe is the greatest if and only if he wins more rings. This is why they play the games.

    Sergeo l

  • Danny

    yeah, i agree with sergeo…
    i wonder what the jordan fans will say when kobe ties or even surpasses jordans rings..im sure they wont even comment anymore on the whole kobe vs jordan argument…
    its obvious who has better individual skills..all jordan fans can argue but im sure jordan can admit that kobe has better individual skills than he does..unless hes just being stubborn…

  • Tator

    @ Danny

    Individual skills like only triple double in All Star game, like 2-time Dunk Champ, like All Star MVP, like 37.1 per, like Defensive POY!!! What other b-ball skills are there? Sure Jordan sided with Pippen, but Shaq?! Think Jordan and Shaq vs. Kobe & Pippen while looking in the mirror (I know right, lol).


    p.s. there was no defensive 3 second calling most of Jordan’s career, meaning centers and big men could camp out under the basket waiting for a driving Jordan. And bigger, stronger, faster NBA??? Jordan was defended by everyone from K.G. to Anthony Mason

  • will82

    Kobe does not have more 60 point games than Jordan. They both have 5. Kobe has all five during the regular season. Jordan has 4 during the regular season, and one when the games count most, the playoffs. Even if Kobe passes, 60 points games aren’t all that important. It’s about the titles.

    So about the titles. Kobe has four titles, sure. Shaq was the Finals MVP for three of those titles. Jordan has 6 titles and was the series MVP for all six of them. He LED his team to the championship 6 times! Kobe has done that a grand total of once. Don’t be stupid.

    And finally, remember game 6 in Boston two years ago, the 2008 Finals, when the Lakers lost? They got battered. Embarrassed. 131 – 92. In a clinching game of the NBA FINALS!!! The whole team quit, including Kobe. Look at his numbers: 7-22 FGs, 22 points, 3 boards, and 1 assist, 4 TOs??? And he only shot five free throws!!! You’re having a bad shooting game, fine. Attack the rim!! Jordan never went down like that. That guy competed every second of every single game. Please stop comparing Kobe to Jordan.

    Now LEBRON JAMES, he might just have a shot to go down as the greatest of all time. Kid better start winning some rings though.

  • PushSmarker

    Kobe’s five 60pt + games have come against less than mediocre competition.

    No top 10 defenses. In fact, they came against the 11th, 23rd, 26th, 29th & 30th ranked defenses. And those 5 teams had an average record of 35-47! Sort of weak.

    For comparison, Jordan’s five 60pt+ games came against the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th & 12th ranked defenses. Against teams that averaged 52 wins, 30 losses.

  • hiphop

    Kobe greatest offensive player ever Jordan greatest player all around ever

  • Ryan

    Why does everyone keep saying Kobe has more 60 point games than Mike?
    If he has 5 so does Mike.
    61 against Atlanta. 61 against Detroit. 63 against Boston. 64 Against Orlando. 69 against Cleveland. 59 and 58 on numerous occasions.

  • Asdf

    Yeah I looked it up on http://www.thestatsace.com and I was surprised to see that Kobe had 5!  I thought he only had like two including the 81-point game.

    What’s more amazing is that in two of those 60-point games he played 38 minutes or fewer.