Friday 01st March 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Droppin’ Dimes: Where even Troy Aikman looks out of sorts this Thanksgiving…

‘Droppin’ Dimes’ is a daily list of stories from around the web that The Hoop Doctors are reading, and thinking you might want to check out too! They aren’t necessarily all about hoops, but could be anything from cage fighting, to a gallery of lovely ladies, to a story about proposed legislation to outlaw fat people in Japan (yes this happened).

  • Dan Gilbert joined the Cavs announcing team last night and he made for an entertaining show. [Stepien Rules]
  • What if Ben Wallace was never bought out by the Suns? Title worthy team? [Full Court Press]
  • The Cage Docs break down the biggest ‘turkey’s’ (pun intended) in MMA fighting these days. [Cage Docs]
  • Is Iverson already reconsidering his retirement? Less than 24 hours later? [Ball Don’t Lie]
  • MLB Pitching Greatness Is No Longer Measured By Wins. [Dugout Docs]

If you have extra time to kill at work and need some more links to cool stories, videos, and photo galleries of the day, then check out Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks or the legendary Gorilla Mask by clicking on their logo’s below:



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