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Shaq Fights Oscar De La Hoya…And Wins

August 19, 2009 – Dr. Dime

Although I completely disagree with the With Leather opinion on the first episode of Shaquille O’Neal’s new show “Shaq Vs.” (I thought it was actually quite entertaining), they do have a good clip of Shaq training to take on Ben Roethlisberger in Episode #1.

While i’m not sure who the full line-up of athletes is that Shaq will take on, I do know he boxed against Oscar De La Hoya. And from the looks of this clip released by TMZ, the sheer size and height of Shaq went a long way towards not only competing against De La Hoya, but actually beating him.

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  • Michael Jordan

    this story is hot today

  • lokz

    Maybe he should box someone like holyfield.

  • Audience member

    I was there and he didn’t win.

  • MK

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is why boxing has weight divisions.

  • lol.. i was watching it on tv the other day … you gotta love this man.. its all about fun

  • Little Mac

    Wow, its almost like real lift PunchOut! The size ratio is just about the same.

  • Andy in Oregon

    Shaq is an idiot in every sense of the word. Take notice of his commercials: SInce he only has a minute grasp of the English language and he is not the brights person on the earth, his lines in the script are limited to words with no more than 2 syllables! It’s in his contract!

    Little know secret. Thats why Jordan even though he has been retired for years, still gets the sweet endorsements. Jordan can actually pronouce the word “vocabulary”.

  • Shayna
  • Wow, its almost like real lift PunchOut! The size ratio is just about the same..

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  • Jason

    i want to see shaq vs tyson.

  • joe

    What fight were you watching? Oscar lands like 4 or 5 clean punches on the bigger man. Shaq paws and can’t land one. well i think he lands one left jab just by his sheer reach advantage. Everything else Shaq throws lands on the gloves or elbows. watch the tape again. oscar is winning easily in this small segment. i am sure the entire fight went this way too. with shaq mobilized and oscar being muscled but spinning shaq once in a while to land 3-5 punch combos.

  • Stephanie

    I agree people are not noticing that Shaq isn’t landing anything and Oscar ties him up. They are just looking at Shaq comming forward and slapping Oscar’s elbows. Oscar is winning easily.

  • Jayson Charpied

    I’m sorry did the writer say that the video showed Shaq winning?
    looked to me like Oscar was landing clean punches while Shaq was slapping at him.
    Size doesn’t matter when you got no skills

  • cheetah

    is this writer an idiot? it wasn’t even close. oscar threw combinations cleanly despite the size disadvantage. it only goes to show that had the proposed wilt chamberlain v ali fight ever happened, ali woulda killed him. a pro boxer can easily get inside that height and reach advantage against an amateur.

  • Mike

    This fight shattered my fantasy of ever taking down of large man. I am the same height and weight of DLH. Shaq would have killed him if he fought for real. I watched the whole fight- Shaq pulled back after his assunts. He would do some sloppy combos and DLH would stumble backwards like standing in a high wind storm. Every time Shaq went at him with some force you saw how he could just pound DLH’s guard away if he kept going- . Also, while DLH made some nice connections, it did not move Shaq at all- it stung maybe, but it wasn’t going to take him out.. Believe me, I wanted Shaq to loose, but from this fight, I realize how futile it would be to fight such a large opponent. I could make numerous connections and only piss him off. He would need to hit me just once and i am on my arse.

  • Joel

    Anyone who thinks de la hoya is genuinely losing this fight is delirious. He is an all time great p4p boxer, who was fought the best opponents and won 10 different titles in 6 weight classes. It’s obvious hes treating this “fight” as a friendly sparring match between two celebrities, and thus allows shaq to throw some punches. Think about it, it’s like shaq playing a friendly game of basketball with de la hoya. Instead of stuffing him each time, he allows him to score a few lay ups.

  • Steve Jakobs

    If you honestly think Dela hoya was going all out against a freaken basketball player, you’re delusional. If osca was trying to really put out shaq, he could and would have. No matter how big shaq is, he’s not a pro fighter. Dela hoya is a multiple time world champion. if you actually watched fight, you could plainly see osca pulling his punches to the body. he was throwing them fast for show, but with very little power.