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The Hoop Doctors

Summer 2009 NBA Power Rankings

The Hoop Doctors NBA Power Rankings

July 21, 2009 – Matt Anaya

Matt graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in May of 2007 majoring in TV Production. Matt is currently a writer at,,,,,, and Matt will provide you with insightful wit and an eager eye for sports.

Although there are still plenty of free agents available and trades to be made, there has been enough player movement to gauge what teams will be contenders and pretenders next season.

The Detroit Pistons made the biggest splash by signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to lucrative long-term contracts. The Rockets and the Lakers seemingly traded Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza. The Mavericks got better by adding Shawn Marion and the Orlando Magic are clearly trying to win now by adding Vince Carter and Brandon Bass.

Do these moves make your favorite teams better or is your team still at the bottom of the barrel?

Let’s take a look.

NBA Power Rankings - San Antonio Spurs1. San Antonio Spurs
The best team in the NBA will undoubtedly be the San Antonio Spurs. They will hopefully have a healthy Big 3 and added much needed athleticism by acquiring Richard Jefferson. San Antonio now boasts the best starting five in the NBA (Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, McDyess, Duncan).

NBA Power Rankings2. Orlando Magic
The Magic started the off-season with a bang by pulling Vince Carter out of their hat (lame magic joke). They now have frontcourt depth as they signed free agent PF Brandon Bass and re-signed Polish big man Marcin Gortat. GM Otis Smith has invested all of his money in the next two years and the Magic are legitimate contenders for the NBA title next season.

NBA Power Rankings3. Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers may be in some trouble if they lose Lamar Odom, as he was vital to their championship run. He did the dirty work the rest of the team refused to do and if the Lakers lose him, they will not win the title next season. They still have 24 and Pau Gasol but their role players (Artest, Luke Walton, Andrew Bynum, Sasha Vujacic, Adam Morrison) will need to make much more of an impact next season if they want to repeat.

NBA Power Rankings4. Cleveland Cavaliers
It was between Boston and Cleveland and I wanted to pick Boston due to their veteran presence and the Rasheed Wallace signing. It was a tough decision but when I thought about how upset LeBron James is after last season and how hard he is probably working this off-season, I had to give the advantage to Cleveland. The Cavs added veterans Shaquille O’Neal and Anthony Parker to help take the pressure off of their young superstar.

NBA Power Rankings5. Boston Celtics
The big question about Boston is how good will Kevin Garnett be this season? He is no longer The Big Ticket but is the consummate teammate and makes those around him better. Boston will be better than last season and this is likely the last season with KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.

NBA Power Rankings6. Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs already had an impressive roster and added another element to their fast break game as they acquired Shawn Marion. Marion excels in the fast break and the Mavericks have the best fast breaking PG of all time in Jason Kidd. Kidd may not be able to do what he used to be able to do but he can still run the break. Even though the Mavs are old and will play minimal defense I think they will be one of the better teams in the NBA next season and wonderful to watch.

NBA Power Rankings7. Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets are the best team in the second tier of teams. They had the Lakers on the ropes last season and blew their best chance to win a championship and will likely not see a chance like that for a long time. If the Nuggets want to contend they need Carmelo Anthony to average nearly 30 PPG.

NBA Power Rankings8. Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks were a solid team last season as they rallied around Olympian Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby. The kids (Marvin Williams, Al Horford, and Josh Smith) are finally growing up and the Hawks added sharp shooter Jamal Crawford to the mix. They are deep and very talented and may be able to reach the 50-win plateau this season.

NBA Power Rankings9. Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose will lead the Bulls for the foreseeable future and the rest of the NBA is jealous. Already a top ten NBA talent Rose’s numbers will only ascend as he and the Bulls do the same. After a mediocre 2009 campaign, 2010 will be Chicago’s first step to a long prosperous future.

NBA Power Rankings10. Los Angeles Clippers
That is not a misprint and yes, I do watch the NBA. I think the Clips are one of the most talented teams in the NBA and may be more talented than their LA counterparts. Their starting lineup was injured throughout last season and if they can stay healthy in 2010 they will be a contender for the Western Conference crown. Oh yeah, they drafted some kid named Blake Griffin. I can hear my college roommate already, “Clips 500-1? Take it.”

NBA Power Rankings11. Portland Trail Blazers
Brandon Roy is not the greatest athlete in the world but the future Olympian still finds himself in the top ten NBA players. It should be the Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge show all season long and that will be hard for opponents to stop. If they get anything from Greg Oden besides 5 fouls in 4 minutes, the win total will only increase.

NBA Power Rankings12. Utah Jazz
The Utah Jazz will most likely be without stud PF Carlos Boozer but should be able to get some decent players in return. They resigned double double machine Paul Milsap and will likely build around him, Deron Williams, and whomever they get in the Boozer trade. Right now the Jazz are a good team but without Boozer they will slide a few spots.

NBA Power Rankings13. Washington Wizards
After nearly a two-year hiatus the Wizards are finally getting a completely healthy Gilbert Arenas. Arenas is likely to average over 25 PPG and the Wizards have a very nice supporting cast. Washington held onto Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison during last season’s trade deadline for this very season and they acquired Randy Foye and Mike Miller on draft day. The Wiz will have a much better 2010 and will likely be the most improved team.

NBA Power Rankings14. New Orleans Hornets
Throughout last year all I heard was how bad the Hornets were and how bad they were struggling. Well, they nearly won 50 games and starting Center Tyson Chandler was injured last season. Currently, the Hornets are a good team with a lot of stilly contracts and because of those silly contracts (i.e. Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson, and James Posey) the team is in dire financial trouble. They will likely unload one of those players for close to nothing and the talent level will go down in New Orleans. This will be an interesting year in New Orleans and Chris Paul will be unhappy by season’s end.

NBA Power Rankings15. Toronto Raptors
The only good thing that happened to Toronto last season was the development of former number one pick Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors rewarded Bargnani with a lucrative long term deal and also signed stud SF Hedo Turkoglu. Turkoglu and Bargnani will take a lot of the pressure off of their best player Chris Bosh and the Raptors are in for a fine season. With Turkoglu, Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, and Andrea Bargnani the Raptors have a nice starting lineup.

NBA Power Rankings16. Indiana Pacers
The Pacers should be thanking the rest of the NBA because for some reason Danny Granger fell all the way to the 17th pick of the 2005 NBA draft. Without Danny Granger this team has no chance to make the playoffs but with him and the surrounding nucleus they have a decent chance. Troy Murphy is going to do his double double thing and the team will be even better if Mike Dunleavy can stay healthy.

NBA Power Rankings17. Philadelphia 76ers
The Sixers had high hopes last season but Elton Brand’s injuries derailed those expectations. The roster is still talented but they will likely lose starting PG Andre Miller and may have to depend on a young PG. Brand’s career may be starting to descend but that only means more opportunity for young studs Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, and Marreese Speights. The Sixers have a bright future and may struggle to make the playoffs this season.

NBA Power Rankings18. Oklahoma City Thunder
This will be the last season the Thunder are not in the playoffs. The team is loaded up and down with young talent and Kevin Durant has already supplanted himself as one of the best players in the NBA. He may win the scoring title next season as a 21 year old and the supporting cast is also very talented. The Thunder are the future of the NBA.

NBA Power Rankings19. Miami Heat
The Miami Heat have what every NBA team wants: a top ten NBA player. Dwyane Wade can lead a team to the highest of levels but cannot with this roster. Jermaine O’Neal is not very good anymore and the second best player on the team does not currently start and cannot legally drink (Beasley). If the Heat acquire Carlos Boozer and Lamar Odom, they easily become one of the best teams in the NBA.

NBA Power Rankings20. Golden State Warriors
The Warriors are one of the most talented teams in the NBA and if you look at this roster 20 years you will say, “Wow. Nearly all those players made an impact at the NBA level.” Head Coach Don Nelson is enigmatic and rotates lineups at his discretion. Golden State has a plethora of SGs and G/Fs but none can run the point. This will be another fun Warrior team to watch but the lack of defensive intensity will inevitably be their demise.

NBA Power Rankings21. Charlotte Bobcats
Like most NBA teams, the Bobcats are a superstar away from being a contender. They move the ball, play defense, but lack a go to scorer with the game on the line. Charlotte is a good team and will likely battle for the 8th spot with Indiana, Philly, Miami and Detroit.

NBA Power Rankings22. Minnesota Timberwolves
The T’Wolves were finally playing well last season when their big man Al Jefferson went down with a torn ACL. They fired their coach and reacted well to Kevin McHale. It has been an eventful off-season for Minny as they did not retain McHale as coach, drafted three point guards, and are involved in an international soap opera with Ricky Rubio. I am not so sure they will be any higher in the ranking if Rubio plays but they will be a lot more fun to watch.

NBA Power Rankings23. Phoenix Suns
The Suns have been descending the last two seasons and it started with the Shaq trade. Their future is not very bright with this current collection and they will be looking to unload anyone and everyone. Phoenix should be able to get a king’s ransom for Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Amar’e Stoudemire and if GM Steve Kerr plays his cards right the Suns should be good again after he is fired.

NBA Power Rankings24. Detroit Pistons
The Pistons made all the headlines as they stole Ben Gordon from their perpetual rival Chicago Bulls. Detroit also signed Charlie Villanueva and still have some remaining cap room this season and next. The problem with the Pistons roster is the lack of an interior presence and nobody plays defense on this team other than Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. I do not think Detroit is done making moves and I think GM Joe Dumars knows this is not a very good roster right now.

NBA Power Rankings25. Memphis Grizzlies
The Griz have a nice young team and when they decide to play some defense this team will take off like Rudy Gay with an open lane. Mike Conley, O.J. Mayo, and Gay is one of the best young cores in the NBA and rookie Center Hasheem Thabeet will only help their defense. GM Chris Wallace better hope PG Mike Conley is a great PG since they passed on phenom Ricky Rubio.

NBA Power Rankings26. Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks are a team in transition. Former GM Larry Harris did not put Milwaukee in a good position and they are currently paying for it. Michael Redd will likely be traded this season as the Bucks go into a youth movement. Rookie PG Brandon Jennings looks great in Summer League and they may have a nice combo with Center Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings. The Bucks are a few years away from the playoffs.

NBA Power Rankings27. Houston Rockets
Understatement of the Year: The Houston Rockets were dealt a tough blow when Center Yao Ming went down for the season months before the 2010 season even started. They will be actively trying to trade Tracy McGrady who seems more interested in promoting his new movie than winning playoff games. Houston signed everyone’s favorite role player Trevor Ariza to a long-term deal but he will not make much of an impact. The T-Mac and Yao project has come to an end and the Rockets are rebuilding.

NBA Power Rankings28. New Jersey Nets
The Nets traded Vince Carter in order to clear cap space for the Summer of 2010! (Coming to a theater near you). New Jersey now has close to $40 million in cap space and their owner, Jay-Z, is a good friend with LeBron James. Olympian hopefuls Devin Harris and Brook Lopez will carry this team to the NBA Lottery. Imagine their next off-season, possibly the number one pick and LeBron James. Wow.

NBA Power Rankings29. Sacramento Kings
The Kings have a nice future but this year will be a learning lesson for the kids. Tyreke Evans will learn how to run the PG position and he will make plays for the young Kings but there will be a learning curve. Lucky for Evans he does have good players around him they are just young. Spencer Hawes will be a nice player in a few years and Jason Thompson as well. Kevin Martin will score close to 25 PPG and the Kings will be a very nice team in two years.

NBA Power Rankings30. New York Knicks
It is going to be a bad basketball season in New York metropolitan area. The Nets are bad and the Knicks are terrible. Their roster is loaded with over paid idiots who play no defense and do not care about winning. They are trying to trade Chris Duhon for Andre Miller but the Sixers think that trade is hilarious and they are botching the David Lee contract situation. GM Donnie Walsh has done a good job of cleaning up Isaiah Thomas’ mess but there is still a lot of work to do.

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  • Whoa whoa whoa…the Bulls lost their best player and are now better? And the Hawks haven’t changed at all and are a top 10er? And Blake Griffin just made the Clippers a contender? Booooooo!

    Blazers may not have made offseason moves, but they should be in that 8 spot. :P

  • Great list Matt, just confused about why you have the Rockets so low. They were a great team even without Yao and Tracy this year and almost beat the Lakers in the playoffs.

    Even losing Artest, and Yao, with McGrady and Ariza, and if they can resign Von Wafer I think they can still be a good team. Maybe not contenders, but no way are they bottom feeders in the bottom 4 of the league.

    Otherwise excellent list though.

    – Jordan

  • commenter

    you could very well be the worst analyst. all the power to you for having a job, no really, with your limited abilities, you’ve managed to outlast real writers in a time when everyone is losing their jobs. don’t take offense to this, cause I still am impressed with your persistence, but you’re like the cockroach after a nuclear war, you’re like kevin coster- i mean, c’mon, who thought he’d made another movie after water world. sigh.

    keep up the good work… as always

  • jp

    wow what a terrible list….be carefull how you throw around that “top 10 talent” label, cause Rose and Brandon Roy are not even close (here are some players you may have heard of that are a bit better: Garnett, Duncan, Kobe, Bron, Wade, Bosh, D.Williams, CP3, Yao, D.Howard. I can give you a few more if you’d like.

    Plus, just cause the Clips have talent, doesn’t mean they will play well together and I think they proved that last year, even with the injuries thay had.

    man….I guess anyone can post crappy articles like this!

  • Vancity1

    This list is way off….i guess anyone can call themselfs a writer these days.

  • Matt

    Alright here we go. I actually watch the NBA … probably more than anyone you all know. And I do not have a job, I’m currently unemployed but the good guys at the site liked what they read and gave me a shot.

    The top ten players in the NBA go like this (yes, in this order): Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Rose, Paul, Howard, Amar’e, Melo, Roy. KG averaged 15 and 8 last season, which means his days of being elite are over. Duncan is the man but if you are not on Team USA, you are not a top ten player in the NBA. Chris Bosh and Yao Ming are not top ten players, Yao cannot stay healthy and if I was 7’6″ I would average 30 and 20. Bosh is not better than Duncan, Howard, Amar’e, Boozer and Duncan and Boozer did not make the list.

    Ok next topic …

    The Rockets will not be good next season, they lost way too much talent. I love Von Wafer though. Please refer to my top available free agents.

    next …

    I watch more NBA and NCAA hoops than anyone you know including the employed writers that will soon be unemployed due to my hoop intelligence.

    next …

    The Hawks had a good season last year and like I said, the kids are maturing. Reading is a skill.

    next …

    The Pistons are bad. Ben Gordon was far from the Bulls best player, ever heard of Derrick Rose? Speaking of people that do not watch the NBA. BG is a great guy and will make shots but does nothing else, have fun watching those turnovers.

    More on the Pistons …

    Who is playing defense for them? Charlie Villanueva, Rod Stuckey, and Ben Gordon are three of the worst defenders in the NBA and newly signed Chris Wilcox cannot guard Tyrus Thomas. The Pistons are bad, like 8th seed at the most bad.


  • not a fan of you

    You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? I bet you watched Sports Center on ESPN for 15 minutes before you started writing this. Do you even watch the NBA? Or do you just look at a bunch of stat sheets…

  • Dalton

    The Pistons can’t be that low. You honestly have to be insane to put some of the teams in front of them that you did. It doesn’t even make sense. I honestly look at this is and laught. With the roster they have now they are probably the 4th seed in the East. Where you have them is ridiculous. Haha.

  • Scott

    Wow…what a horrible list.

  • rafterman

    Other than the comedic stylings of placing the Clips in the top ten, this isn’t a bad list. But the Bulls at 9 and Indiana at 16. Ain’t gonna happen. Indiana’s lost Jack and the solid Rasho Nesterovich, and the Bulls are gonna struggle to score 90 a game. They were right to let Ben Gordon walk, but they’ve yet to replace his scoring punch. Sure, Rose is a talent, but he’s gotta have someone to pass the rock to who can actually, you know, put it in the basket.

  • Evans Supporter

    This list isn’t as bad as these haters are saying. But I do have a couple complaints. There is no way the Miami Heat should be that low. With Dwyane Wade leading them like he did last year, and with Beasley being one year older and more mature, this team could do well. O’Neal rested up and healthy could do some damage too.

    One other thing. The Sacramento Kings are not going to be a playoff team or anything, but there is no way they should be so low at #29. I would put them around #18 or better. People have no idea how NBA ready Tyreke Evans is. The guy is a great all around guard and can rebound. Did he see him pull down over 10 boards in the summer league game already. The guy is going to make the Kings instantly better. Everything lacking from Kevin Martin’s game is made up for and them some with Tyreke with him. Kings should be much improved this year.

  • Mike

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Magic’s conversion into a “normal” offense (standard 4 who can’t shoot from long distance) is really going to hurt them next year? I thought that a decent amount of their success last year was due to their ability to attack teams from unconventional angles. Even with more scoring at the 2 with Vince, I think they’ll recede a little bit (unless D Howard can learn some real live post moves).

  • Matt

    I know I am crazy about the Clips but look at that roster! Even Bill Simmons has to be excited about it.

    Derrick Rose and the Bulls are going to be fine and should be able to score a 4-6 seed. It will go something like this: Orlando, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington with the rest of the mediocre teams battling all season.

    If the Heat can get Boozer and/or Odom then I will take them serious. Like I said I do not think Beasley is starting yet and he had a great second half last season.

    I love Sacramento’s future and I hope they do surprise me!

    I love Orlando and San Antonio this season.

    With Bass, Gortat and Barnes, Orlando is one of the deepest teams in the league and are poised to make a run for the title.

    Other than Trevor Ariza, Ben Gordon is one of the most overrated players in the NBA. He can score and that is it.

    Again, THANKS FOR READING!!!!!

    Follow me at and at

  • Todd

    “…and Kevin Durant has already supplanted himself as one of the best players in the NBA…”

    To supplant means to replace. So Durant replaced himself? I guess I don’t quite get what you’re trying to say here. Perhaps you meant to say “established himself”?

  • charles

    “the best team in the NBA will undoubtedly be the San Antonio Spurs.” UNDOUBTEDLY!?!?! Thanks for eager eye for sports. I can’t believe Ball Don’t Lie linked to this page.

  • Chapin

    Dude… I would love to hear your logic about having Durant and Rose ahead of Chris Paul on your power rankings? I would also love to know your logic of leaving Duncan off the top 10 because he isn’t on team USA. You realize that more than 1 of the guys on your top 10 won’t be playing for us in 2012, right? There’s plenty of other stuff to bring up, but I’d at least like some logic behind those two things.

  • David

    now,I never want to knock on a fellow sports writer…but this is ridiculous.

    first of all,the grammar and word choice is poor at best, with ideas ending and sprouting out of nowhere. it’s insane.

    the Suns are ranked 23rd on this list — DESPITE the presence of future HOF Steve Nash and perennial All-Star Stoudemire. And I would think that any team with those two should at least rank above the Bobcats.

    How do you justify Chicago getting 9th place, when they lost Ben Gordon for nothing — who, if you remember, was Chicago’s best player during the 2009 playoffs. James Johnson does not a replacement make. Neither does a Jannero Pargo signing.

    The Clippers are ranked AHEAD of Portland?! where do you get off on writing that. I mean,where does that logic come from? Sure, if one were to revisit the glory days of our current Clippers (Baron Davis was arguably the best point guard in the league in his New Orleans days,Marcus Camby used to be a stellar defensive presence,Chris Kaman), then you could argue the talent angle. But to say that they may or may not be more talented than the Lakers?! are you INSANE?! even with the addition of Blake Griffin…I mean,geez.

    and one thing that jumped out at me was the premise that Gilbert Arenas was going to be returning to pre-surgery form and average TWENTY FIVE a game??? umm…you do know, that the biggest moves the Wizards did this off-season were adding scorers? even if Gil was at his best, the addition of Mike Miller + Randy Foye, along with All-Star Caron Butler, and not to mention the rock-solid Antawn Jamison…there’s just not enough scoring for everybody. especially enough to average 25 a game.

    …a very poor posting,to say the least.

    Oh,and last thing: San Antonio, despite having a pretty formidable starting five, is DEFINITELY not the best in the league. I think Orlando,who has gotten much deeper and added a lot more talent (not to mention a growing Dwight Howard)deserves that top spot. but that’s just me.

  • Matt


    OK here we go.

    Established is the word I was looking for, thanks.

    I apologize for the grammatical errors, I told my editors to take a look before they posted but my grammar and punctuation has nothing to do with my Hoops IQ.


    I’m sure you are a Laker fan, just a guess.

    Chapin, Kevin Durant is going to score 30 PPG next season as a 21 year old and there is not a single person on this earth who can guard him or Rose. Chris Paul is the man, he is the best fantasy hoops player in the NBA but he can’t do the things Rose and Durant do.

    Chapin, all those players except Kobe will be playing on the 2012 team. I am sorry to break your heart but Tim Duncan, Yao Ming, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Kevin Garnett are no longer top ten NBA players. Remember, this is 2009 not 2003.

    Now to my main man David …

    Please take a look at your grammar and punctuation before you make fun of mine.

    David, the Suns are easily one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA. Steve Nash’s MVP days are over and he should have never won one in the first place. Please compare Nash’s numbers and Chris Paul’s, thanks.

    Amar’e is the man. He’s a top ten NBA player but has never played defense in his life either. Not a good combo when your top two players suck at defense. The Suns suck and I’m sure you think Leandro Barbosa and Grant Hill are good players.

    I think the Bobcats are good and better than the lowly Suns.

    Like I said earlier Ben Gordon is one of the most overrated NBA players and Chicago gets their highest paid player, Luol Deng back this season. It would not have gone 6 games if he played vs. that slow footed Boston team.

    Yup I think the Clips are more talented than the Lakers. I also think Golden State is too.

    Let’s go over the Laker roster and see how many players would not play for either team.

    Oh, this should be fun.

    Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, Shannon Brown, Josh Powell, Luke Walton, Adam Morrison, and D.J. Mbenga would not play for the Clippers and Warriors.

    That is 75% of the Laker roster that would not play for the Clippers and Warriors.

    I rest my case.

    Gil Arenas will score close to 25 PPG, and I do not care who is on his team.



  • Matt


    The Hawks won 49 games last season and if you read what I said I say, “The kids are maturing.”

    When you have Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams, Al Horford, and Josh Smith, I do not care who else is on your team, you are going to win a lot of games, especially in the Leastern Conference.

    The Hawks will win more games than they did last season and yes Brandon Roy is better than Joe Johnson. That is exactly what I said. Once again, reading is a skill.

    The Bulls are not overrated and they will win more than 42 games.

    Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players of all time, but what happened last season? Too old? Too slow? Not enough support?

    And why did their GM trade for Richard Jefferson? Because he knows The Big 3 is aging and not as dominant and dependable as they were in 2003.

    It is 2009 right?


  • The NBA, starring Joe Johnson and Derrick Rose as the most OVERrated players on the planet.

  • Duckin

    HAHAHAHAH it was a good laugh. Whats funny is the clips will be improved obviously, but top 10? WHAT? Bulls are soooooo sooooooooooooo overrated. They won what, 42 games last year in the leastern conference? And probably got worse this year and may deal Captain kirk? Sigh….. and the hawks being that high….wow. What exactly did they do? Their best player JJ is no where near roys level, the Blazers youth is >>>> than hawks youth. bibby is breaking down and they have no center. Terrible list. And duncan is prob top 5 all time player, and EASILY top 10 in the nba.

  • Duckin

    Is defense important or not? Is being just a scorer important or not? Ben gordon is just a scorer yet one dimentional Durant is better than duncan who is averaging 20-10-2? CP3 led the league in assists and scored 22 a game, and was an ace on d. Rose is AWFUL on D. Durant and Rose are NOT better then CP3, and top 6 player in the L. Suns suck yet they were better than your godly chicago team last year? WTF

  • Duckin

    What happened last season was Manu was injured, not duncan. Their supporting cast was crap after Duncan and Parker, who were still amazing. Duncan is not MVP form anymore, but he still averaged 20-10 and was a force on D. Nuff said

  • Matt

    Tim Duncan is the man and may be in the top ten players in the NBA. Although I am not sure he can hang with Amar’e and I know Amar’e is a top player in the NBA.

    Derrick Rose is not a good defender but the NBA has never seen a player of his caliber. He is a SF and an NFL Running Back that plays PG.

    Chris Paul is not a good man to man or perimeter defender.

    He plays passing lanes, which is a lazy but effective form of defense that gets you lots of steals. Lebron James and Allen Iverson both play it.

    As for Kevin Durant. He will likely average 30 PPG, which is so rare you don’t have to play defense at a high level. He will get paid handsomely for the remainder of his career because of his scoring ability and if you don’t like Kevin Durant then you need to stop watching the NBA.

  • mark

    I don’t care what the others say, pretty good list to me. I don’t know why the others put down the Clips, the Hawks and the Thunder. The Clippers and Thunder will be one of the fun teams to watch while raking up wins, and a solid Hawks team plus Crawford will be monstrous.

    I’d just switch Boston and Cleveland, and maybe bump the Heat and the Pacers up one or two spots.

  • Matt


    Thank you for reading and not wishing death upon me!

    It’s 2009, where the Clips, Hawks, and Thunder kick major a$$.

  • Hates Tim Duncan…with a passion!

    San Antonio is going to fall flat on their face this year. Jefferson won’t fit in, Manu will get hurt again, as will McDyess. They’ll make the playoffs as usual but won’t make it out of the first round. Tim “I’d rather watch time stand still than watch this guy do anything” Duncan is as overrrated as Tony Parker’s wife!! 5th place and out in 5 games. Fuck you San Antonio, I pray for a plane crash every roadtrip.

  • Chapin

    Okay there is a difference between “not playing defense at a high level” and being one of the single worst defenders in the NBA. Durant is an offensive beast, but he is actually as bad on defense as he is good on offense. It isn’t a fluke the OKC was BETTER without Durant last season. If Durant could learn to become a slightly below average defender he could become one of the top 10 players in the league. Until then, he is simply a good fantasy hoops guy.

    And what has Rose done that no one else can do? Won the skills challenge? Yeah, he had an amazing game in the playoffs. Big deal. He also had Gordon on his team and he had Hinrich completely smothering Rondo and Allen. Chris Paul led his team to way more wins than Rose with a worse supporting cast. (LOL at David West making All-Star games.)

    And Duncan might not be top 10 this year, but he definitely was last year. It’s unclear to me which year you are using for the list. Regardless, Rose and Durant don’t deserve to be on it yet.

    PS: I find it odd that you think Spurs are best in the NBA, but that you don’t think Duncan is any good. Apparently Jefferson is good enough to add 13 wins by himself.

  • Matt

    Not sure what’s so funny about David West making the All Star team. He had better numbers than everyone’s favorite stiff Yao Ming.

    Tim Duncan is the man (fifth time I’ve said this?). He is one of the greatest players of all time and may be a top ten NBA player but the days of him carrying a team are over. His supporting cast needed help and they got it with RJeff and a healthy Manu. They have the best starting 5, other than maybe the Clips (LOL).

    You need to watch more Derrick Rose, listen to what his peers say about him, and watch Game 1 vs. Boston.

    Hinrich was not smothering Rondo, as his triple double average suggests. The Hornets are a much better team than the Bulls, as their Western Conference record suggests.

    (i think)

    If you average 30 PPG you are a top ten player in the NBA. And how many players are great offensive and defensive players? Kobe, Howard, Duncan? 3? So there are only 3 good players in the NBA?

    I don’t care about LeBron James getting second in the Def POY, he has never played man to man defense and only plays Free Safety and passing lanes.

  • ThunderingE

    The fact that you have Durant listed 4th (and Rose at 5th) in your top 10 players is completely laughable. First off, he does NOT average 30ppg… maybe someday, but not now. Also, if you look at essentially anything other than ppg, he comes out somewhere between average and horrible. This past year he came out second to last in the entire NBA in On/Off court points per 100 possessions with -8.4… essentially meaning his team was better with him off the court than on it (which is supported by the fact that his team did pretty well which he was out this last year)… and his Roland rating (which takes into account his competition) is somewhere near the middle of the pack. Not saying that these types of stats are the final say, but it does make it pretty hard to believe that he’s the 4th best player in the league (who hasn’t even gotten into the playoffs). There is a major difference between being an okay defender and a Durant-type horrible defender, that has to be taken into account. Any insight into how these stats are SO far off, and despite them Durant is actually amazingly good?

    Also by your logic that “if you’re not even on Team USA, you can’t be in the top 10 in the league,” then four of your top 10 can’t be in the top 10- Durant, Rose, Amar’e and Roy aren’t on team USA (while Duncan was, but choose not to remain on the team).

    Saying that since Yao is 7’6 and doesn’t average 30 and 20, he is somehow not top 10… how does that make any sense? If he averaged 29 and 20 he wouldn’t be top 10? Just because he’s not as good as you think he should be given his size, isn’t any indication of whether he’s top 10 or not.

    So the Magic improve/maintain despite losing Turkoglu?

  • Phatern

    This list is absolutely terrible. And just to let you know beforehand, I am a Lakers fan and I find it to be hysterically funny that you think 75% of the Lakers team would not be playing for the warriors or clippers. Your opinions might have had some sort of staying power until you said that and now you’ve just lost all credibility. Thanks for the laughs!

  • This is my first time leaving a comment on ANY website EVER, so Mark you popped my cherry lol. Just wanted to say not a bad power ranking I understand there is still a ton unknown in this coming up season such as chemistry, players stayin healthy etc.

    But what is known is that KD, as mentioned by Chapin, cannot play D and is a fantasy great however definitly not a TOP 10 in the NBA. Same goes for D rose, give a guy atleast 3 years in the N before you start saying he’s Top 10. I agree that they will be top 10 soon enough, but as for right now, July 22, 2009 2:30pm EST they are not Top 10!!

    Second known fact is that the Clippers are not more talented then the Lakers. That comment could go down as the worst sports comment of ’09. Really Matt, ReAlLy….you actually believe that Davis, Camby, Griffin, Thorton, ,Kaman are > Kobe, Fisher, Odom, Artest, Gasol?!!?!?!?!
    You can look over that lineup again and rethink it through. Maybe just maybe the clips bench has more depth but Brown, Vujacic and Farmar a lot better then people give them credit. Factor in Phil Jackson as a head coach and Kobe/D Fish as mentors and the skys the limit for any player on the Laker’s bench.

    It doesnt take a scientist to figure out that I am a hardcore Lakers fan but that comment (clips more talented then lakers) is just CRAZY! There are other minor things wrong that other people posted that i agree with ex. Bulls need to drop quite a few spots, as well as the Pacers and Clips mind as well be in the 20’s. Other mentions Suns and Pistons should be much higher up! Both teams now have as Borat would say “Very Nice” offensive fire power. And in the NBA offense wins you games, if defence was the be-all-end all then the Pistons and Spurs would’ve won the last 12 NBA championships.

    Sorry to harp on you Matt, but everyone’s got their opinion right?


  • Matt Anaya

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again …

    The Clippers and Warriors are more talented than the Lakers. The Suns and Pistons suck hence there low ranking.

    Rose, Durant, and Amar’e will be on Team USA in 2012. TD never got an invite to the 2008 team and Amar’e turned them down to let his million dollar knee rest. If you do not believe me, you can email Jerry Colangelo at [email protected].

    I know Manu comes off the bench but he should be starting, although he would probably get hurt. They should save him for the last month of the regular season LOL.

    I’ll say it again, the Spurs have the best starting 5 in the NBA with Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, McDyess, and Duncan.

    If NBA GMs had a draft it would go like this: LBJ, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Rose, (Howard, CP3, Amar’e, Melo, Roy). No doubt. That makes them the top players in the NBA.

    The Magic got better by adding Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, and Matt Barnes. They also kept big man Marcin Gortat. They are very deep and talented and this should be Dwight Howard’s best season.


  • Matt Anaya

    Hence their low ranking, please excuse the bad grammar!!!

  • Harry Seaword

    “San Antonio now boasts the best starting five in the NBA (Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, McDyess, Duncan).”

    Your credibility goes out the window after 1 paragraph of analysis. Everyone who knows jack shit about basketball knows Ginobili comes off the bench, and the smart part of that group know Duncan & Ginobili are not what they once were due to age/injuries.

  • ThunderingE

    If your hypothetical was changed to- each GM got to draft players to help their team for THIS season (since I assume we are talking about the top 10 for this season, not 2012) only do you really think that Durant and Rose would be picked in the top 10?

    How do you possibly have the Blazers so low? 2nd youngest team in the league last year with 4 rookies that played significant minutes, 54 wins and a #4 seed, yet they get passed by the Clips? Just their player improvement alone is worth more than a lot of the other teams’ moves.

    Also, Duncan wasn’t invited to play on Team USA because he “had no interest in that (being on Team USA)” because of the 3 year commitment, not because he wasn’t good enough like you imply:

  • Matt


    Good work on the Google news.

    The article also says Colangelo asked Shaq and The Answer, two players that should never have been considered for the 2008 team.

    TD is the man and one of the best players of all time (6th time I’ve said this) and may be a top ten NBA player but is not according to me. If it was up to me he would have been on the 2008 team, instead of Carlos Boozer.

    I was under the impression he was not asked to play out of courtesy to his aging knees (not his talent level).

    Who knows, TD and TP may be 11th and 12th on my list and there is not much difference between 10th and 12th on the list.

    I mean, who is better TP or Brandon Roy? Impossible to answer but in my opinion I went with the 24 year old who made the 2nd team All NBA team.

    I can consider TD as a top ten NBA player but I refuse to consider Yao Ming, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett and anyone else over the age of 30, other than Kobe and TD (I think Yao is 28 but he plays like 35 and his career is in shambles).

    The Spurs have two of the best players in the world (TD and TP) and Manu Ginobili has the abilities to play like a great player. The Spurs’ Big Three and with the addition of RJeff and other role players makes San Antonio the team to beat.

    (Not saying you disagree with me, I’m just saying).

    I also like the Blazers but I think the Clips severely underperformed last season. Needless to say, I LOVE THAT ROSTER!!!

    I ranked the Blazers one spot away from the Clips! That’s not that bad of a disagreement, sheesh!

    I think Brandon Roy is getting a little contentious with the roster and his contract. He called his teammates p*****s after the playoffs and I’m not sold on their roster yet.

    Who is the best player out of Greg Oden, Jerryd Bayless, Martell Webster, Rudy Fernandez, and Travis Outlaw? As of 2009, I got Outlaw and that is not a good thing.

    I just heard Lamar Odom resigned with the Lakers.

    If the Lakers wanted to repeat they needed to sign LO and they boast a terrific core (24, Gasol, LO). If they can get anything out of Artest and Bynum, and that is not asking for much, they and the Spurs will roll through the West.

    I’m looking forward to a Lakers/Spurs Western Conference Finals.

    The Lakers move up to the second best team in the NBA because of the Odom and Artest signing and some guy named Kobe.

    Matt Anaya

  • Matt

    Sure thunder,

    hit me up on twitter if u wanna talk hoops, ill give u my email there.

  • ThunderingE

    I’m not saying the Blazers are too low compared to the Clippers (that is a given)… I’m saying too low in general… maybe 6th or 7th (definitely ahead of the Hawk, Bulls and Clips). The Clips on the other hand still have Dunleavy as coach, their talent doesn’t mesh well, and they are still the Clips… so they are about 10 spots too high.

    The Blazers are ridiculous and don’t need to do anything to get better. It will be icing on the cake when they take advantage of another team’s financial situation and get another piece at a great price (eventually). Oden will be a beast once he’s completely back to form after surgery, and that will make them even more ridiculous. And I don’t think anyone is actually worried about Roy’s extension.

    I get what you have said (6 times) that Duncan is a great player, I was simply questioning the line of thought that since he wasn’t on the USA team, he is disqualified from being considered a top 10 player. Thanks for the clarification.

  • john

    Um where did you see that Brandon Roy called his teammates p******s after the playoffs. Or are you paraphrasing. Or are you rephrasing. Or are you making that up. You seem to think the only important thing a player does on the court is score. The reason BRoy is a top ten player is because he is a complete player. And you seemed to have left someone, although a minor oversight, off of your list of who is good after BRoy. LaMarcus Aldridge!! So go ahead and crown the clips, sight-unseen the new golden boys of the league. You must have based this list on a summer league game you HEARD about. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

  • john

    And I can tell by your responses to people that you are somewhat reactionary and hot-headed so I’ll save you the trouble. I solemnly swear this is the last time I will look at this site!

  • kyle

    Brandon Roy may not be “the greatest athlete in the world”, but if you are claiming the man isn’t a great athlete, then you haven’t watched his play much. He very much has an old man’s game, but also a young man’s body. Dude has a 40 inch vert and makes acrobatic plays on a nightly basis. I know he plays for the Blazers and everything, but you might try watching one of their games before posting this stuff.
    PS: This is the first I’ve ever heard of B Roy calling out his teammates after the playoffs or even saying anything negative about his teammates ever. He handles himself with class and doesn’t make statements that aren’t true. Try it.

  • Brian

    Please please please please please show me a source where Brandon Roy calls his teammates pussies OR ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO THAT. I live in Portland and am I huge Blazer fan and have heard nothing of the sort. If your paraphrasing, rephrasing or just making this shit up than your not being very professional.

    Roy is eventually going to get paid by the Blazers. KP knows what he means to this team. If you understand negotiating at all you’d know that if there isn’t at least some haggling going on than one side (or both) left something on the table.

    Oh yeah, and the Clippers are still the Clippers. First off, I’d take Portland’s roster over LAC’s any day of the week. I’d take the Lakers roster too, after all, they have a bunch of guys with rings on their fingers (most with several). Second of all, a talented roster doesn’t a good team make. If talent got you rings than Portland would have won SEVERAL championships in the late 90s and early ’00s. And your argument about Outlaw being the best out of the Blazers 2nd core of players doesn’t hold much water considering ALL of the players besides Outlaw are young guys who are rapidly improving. Rudy, Webster and Oden could put Portland over the top next year with even a 15% improvement in their stats over last year (07-08 for Webster). Which isn’t unrealistic at all for three players under 25.

  • Curtis

    My rankings go like this…you’ll notice the East and West each have 4 teams listed, and I’ll be shocked if at least 6 of the 8 teams aren’t in the second round of the play-offs. Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, Magic, Cavs, Nuggets, Blazers, and Hawks. Blazers and Hawks are both young and improving with age. Spurs and Celtics are both most vulnerable to injury, but they each have a key addition and no real deductions, so even if they lose one of their Big 4, they should make the second round. Plus Rondo and his triple doubles would say the Celtics have a Top 5 equal to the Lakers. Speaking of the Lakers, Fisher is a rock, and great distributor for the talent around him; Artest is way better than Ariza too. If the defending champs re-sign Lamar Odem, they must be the faves. Magic, Cavs and Nuggets are all one solid player short of scaring the Lakers, Spurs, or Celtics, as long as those top 3 teams are healthy come play-offs. And Shaq and Vince Carter are too old to put them over the top – ask Steve Kerr about that.

    Matt, your list isn’t bad at all, but I think you’re losing people with your predictions of the Bulls and Clippers. The bulls impressed against the Celtics w/o KG, then lost their most clutch scorer; but if Rose can develop an average jumper they should make the play-offs comfortably with Deng back, but not advance to round 2. The Clippers do not have more talent than the Lakers! Team talent is only influenced by your top 8 players; no one cares about the bottom of the bench. At least people can name a bench player for the Lakers, same can’t be said for the Clippers. But the Clippers have had some talent f or years, and have under achieved for years; you can’t assume 2009-10 will be different. And for the record, “Top 10 players” should be ranked as if there was a draft at the start of the year, AND you could only sign 1-year contracts. Who’s with me?

  • Jake

    No offense Matt,
    But you really couldn’t have much knowledge on the nba, or basketball for that matter if you think the pistons “suck” and are an 8 at best. CV is an underated played who never got consistent starter minutes, same with wilcox, when they did they both produced. They will add Big Ben Wallace and trade rip for a decent big man at the least. 5 seed, maybe 4 with a good aquisition and Kuester turns out to be half the coach that hack Curry was, just watch

  • Danny


  • nicco

    So, the Clippers are a more talented team than the team that made it to the NBA Finals twice in the past two years. Interesting. I mean, I may be a Bryant fan but even I don’t think that he is so good that he could carry all that dead weight to the NBA Finals.

    I hear what you are saying with Vujacic, but Bynum was as good as any given center before the knee injury, and if you are willing give two-thirds of the battered, aging, and balding Spurs’ big 3 the benefit of the doubt, then you have to give it up to Bynum who is only going to improve. Or are you really saying that the Clippers could not take a dude that scored 42 point against them last season?

    I hear what you are saying with Walton, but Brown is extremely athletic. Check this: . That is a PG with his head above the rim.

    , Walton is the team’s best passer and came big off the bench against Orlando; as for Brown, check this out: –yes, that is a PG with his head above the basket.

  • Matt Anaya

    Guys good to hear from all of you. I have not checked this in awhile but I am back, so lets chat.

    The Clippers roster is stacked and Brandon Roy is the man. I love the Blazers and think they will have a fantastic year but I also think the Clips will have a fantastic season and will be better than the Blazers. Sorry we disagree, but please do not call me names or insult my intelligence because I think the Clippers roster is filthy.

    I think Rudy Fernandez is a novelty act and everyone loves him because he is white and can jump.

    No offense Jake but the Pistons suck. Not like Detroit Lions bad but they will give up close to 110 ppg, fact. Have fun with Ben Gordon he is very exciting because you have no idea what he is going to do. The Pistons will not make the playoffs this season with that roster. They need to make another move, perhaps Boozer.

    I understand Jordan Farmar can dunk, in fact I saw he does yoga in the off season to help his athleticism so I picked up Yoga for a day. I did notice it does not help my basketball skills though. Bummer, Farmar is a bum and so is Shannon “4 Teams in 4 Years” Brown.

    The Lakers are awesome because 24 and the best frontcourt in the NBA not their pathetic role players only backcourt.

    Derrick Rose has an above average jumper and he is not yet 21. How many 20 year olds outside my boy Durant have a good jumper? … (crickets).

    If I forgot anyone I will take a look in the near future.


  • babosch

    LMFAO at the I hate Tim Duncan guy… haha hey you POS its just a game no need to wish death on anyone. Makes me wonder why you hate TD so much…? He’s a winner and a stand up guy from what I’ve seen. My guess is Mommy didn’t really love your or daddy touched you. Anyhow just wait if the Spurs stay healthy they have a good chances. BTW Jefferson has the right personality and talent to fit in with SA. The Celtics if KG comes back strong and the addition of Wallace have a great chance at aonther championship. Its tough to say with the Magic, Lakers and Cavs. Theyll all be good but hard to say who will be the best with all the roster changes.

  • Bango

    December 25th, 2009 is knocking on the door… and these “Power Rankings” down.
    Matt, you gave it a good shot and all, but Bulls, Clippers, Suns, Rockets, Wizards, Hornets, Raptors, Bucks, Spurs (some predictions will be wrong even from the best of them, but that’s simply too much)… shouldn’t have said definitely Matt, you just shouldn’t have said it!!!