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NBA’s Biggest Losers: Free Agency Edition

Portland Trail Blazers

July 13, 2009 – Allen Moll

Allen Moll is an avid NBA and College Basketball fan who watches and studies games religiously and coaches youth basketball in his native Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.

First Place – Portland Trailblazers

It’s still early, but the NBA’s version of the famous TV show, “The Biggest Loser” this off season has to be the Portland Trail Blazers. Although Portland features an exciting young lineup of young NBA superstars like Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers are in need of another good player, or two, to give them a chance to compete against the elite teams of the Western Conference, namely the Lakers, Nuggets, and Spurs. Their pursuit of that missing piece to their championship puzzle has been like a roulette wheel, round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows.

First, Portland’s GM Kevin Pritchard thought he had the #1 player on his wish list, Hedo Turkoglu, locked up but in a stunning reversal fled the Pacific Northwest and decided to play north of the border for Toronto. At that point another target, Trevor Ariza, had already taken the Rockets money to play in Houston. They also could not convince Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich or Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince to come to Portland either. The offer made to Sixers Andre Miller turned sour as well. With maybe the most free agent money to spend of any team, the Blazers lone catch so far appears to be signing Utah’s Paul Millsap to an offer sheet for $34 million to back up LaMarcus Aldridge. That money could have been more well spent on the versatile, playoff experienced Lamar Odom. Now rumors have it that coach Nate McMillan won’t re-sign past 2010 and GM Pritchard can’t convince owner Paul Allen to give star guard Brandon Roy a long term deal. The next acquisition on the Blazer’s wish list could be a competent General Manager.

(Un) Honorable Mention – Tie – New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers

Even though both teams are heading in opposite directions, both teams had high hopes of improving in free agency. The Sixers needed a veteran point guard to mentor 19 year old first round pick, Jrue Holiday. GM Ed Stefanski refused to look within his own roster for that player by shunning Andre Miller’s desire for a new contract. After courting and being rejected by Atlanta’s Mike Bibby and Chicago’s Hinrich, the Sixers made an announcement that their own 5th year player under contract, last season’s 6th man and backup to Miller, Lou Williams, will share time with Holiday. Unless they swing a miracle and bring back A.I. to Philly, the Sixers will have a glaring void at point guard. I thought highly respected new Coach Mike D’Antoni would have players lining up to play in the Big Apple? How’s that working out? Even though he still lives there in the off season, Jason Kidd turned down the bright lights of NY and returned for 3 years to Dallas. Even aging and injury plagued Grant Hill decided to diss NY to stay in Phoenix. Also, Mr. double double, David Lee and 2009 Dunk Champion, Nate Robinson want out, and they passed on drafting Stephen Curry. It looks like they are closer to next season’s draft lottery rather than constructing a contending team to increase their chances of winning the 2010 Lebron James lottery.

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  • Steve

    Why oh why doesn’t Portland just save the money. They have a nice young team that will continue to get better without additions.

    In a year of limited activity for limited dollars. Who are this year’s FA winners?

  • your really shouldn’t make a article on something you know nothing about.

    lamar odom? he does not even want to play in portland. sure if we overpay him he might.

    ariza? he is no better then any of our small forwards already.

    miller? who cares!

    turk would have been nice, but he didn’t want to play here.

    what is pritchard suppose to do, kidnap players? these guys didn’t want to play here, so there not here.

    so your saying because the blazers didn’t sign a free agent there GM needs to be replaced? that is just stupid!!

    i don’t know if you noticed genius, but the blazers were a 4th seed in the west with the 2nd youngest team in the league. how is the GM doing a bad job?

  • Allen Moll

    There must be something in the water where brett lives that makes him ignorant. In the NBA, if a team is willing to pay, free agents will come barring a major screw up by the GM. As every informed fan knows, the Blazers are a good team but do need a player to compete for a TITLE, genius! I’ll grant you that Portland has done really well with the draft but have TOTALLY struck out so far with free agency unless you think Paul Milsap is an All Star….oh that’s right, your ignorant. I guess all other NBA teams are ignorant as well since they signed Ariza, Artest, etc, and have interest in Miller. NEWS FLASH…….Not making your team better with the most money to spend is BAD! I’ll bet you still think Clyde Drexler plays there. I’m surprised you can even read the article since you can’t write in complete sentances! Once you go back to 4th grade and get an education, then try writing a comment….GENIUS!

  • you know my mistake. you didn’t write a bad article. all you did was copy someone else’s article and put your name on it.

    newsflash moll!!! you tell me how the GM has screwed up bringing free agents here? we have only made 1 offer on a player. hedo turkulu and he made a commitment and backed out because the raptors had more money. how is that a GM mistake? the player simply went where he could get more money.

    those teams that signed ariza, artest needed a small forward. guess what the blazers have 3 already. your saying we need 5 small forwards?

    see the thing you can’t get in to your tiny head is you have no idea what your talking about. i watched every game blazers last season and i know the team. you just read someone yahoo column and rip it off and act like it’s your’s. that’s why you have no idea what you are talking about.

    your right i didn’t read your article since it’s the same one i read on yahoo’ site 2 days earlier.

  • Allen Moll

    NEWS FLASH! This article was written as a BLOG which in definition is not meant to be breaking news but rather an OPINION on a selected news item. 80% of all blogs on this site are opinions on recent happenings, not breaking news. Of course you will find similiar stories elsewhere. If your biggest problem in life is my opinions on Portland, you need some serious help.

  • young_

    Wow… you really jacked that yahoo article! Shameful.

  • you suck

    Dumbass. Kirk Hinrich and Tayshaun Prince are under contract, not free-agents. Portland’s GM doesn’t have to “convince” them to come to Portland, he can just trade for them. Lol. Idiot. Also, if Curry was the #7 pick and the Knicks had the #8 pick, how exactly did they “pass” on drafting him? I feel dumber as a basketball fan having read this crap.

  • brett

    DUH NEWS FLASH!!! next time you blog and you rip of someone’s content. why don’t you just post the link to the site and type “i agree” now your saying it’s just similar lol. yeah sure there buddy. maybe you need to get your facts straight before posting anymore GENIUS!

  • Allen Moll

    Same broken record. Thanks for proving my point. That’s why I have a column and you have a comment.

  • brett

    well i can tell the qualifications are not very high to get a column on here. all you have to do is copy other articles already written.

    i wonder what is going to happen to Kirk Hinrich and Tayshaun Prince? isn’t it weird those free agents haven’t had any offers yet? maybe some other team can convince them to sign with them. i mean the blazers failed to sign those free agents, so hopefully someone will be able to convince them.

  • Paterick

    Uh … maybe he read the Yahoo and got inspiration. I was lookin for copypasta and all it was, was similar facts. He made it his own, I think.

  • Jake

    A competent GM? We already have one. He’s the same guy that wheeled and dealed his way to getting the two best players in the 06 draft class and turned a franchise around in a short time span. Whoever wrote this is a blithering idiot.