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Bruce Manley Has Accepted Shaq’s Twitter Challenge

June 26, 2009 – Dr. J-Water

The video we posted earlier this week of the “King of H.O.R.S.E. Trick Shots”, aka Bruce Manley, really blew up. It wasn’t long after Shaquille O’Neal himself saw the video that he twittered a challenge to Manley. Shaq wants to play Manley in a game of horse for $1000. We love Shaq for his twittering, and we love the concept of this challenge even more.

We have just heard from Bruce Manley’s rep, Thomas Litteer (who also happens to be the guy that shot and edited the videos), and Manley has decided to accept Shaq’s challenge to a game of H.O.R.S.E. The two are currently in discussions about the where and when of the event, but its looking like they will for sure be having the game in July.

And for your viewing pleasure, Manley and Litteer have made a newer video which they were kind enough to send along to The Hoop Doctors. Check out “Alley-oops a la Bruce”:

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  • mostwanted

    Shaq’s done for

  • Wow is this the guy that beat Lebron in HORSE? I can’t see shaq winning…lol

  • Bob

    Lame. I could beat Shaq at HORSE. Just shoot from the free throw line.

  • I could f*cking beat Shaq at horse. I’m also a 9 year old white girl with scoliosis and a learning disorder.

  • mermanpop

    shaq’s just gonna dunk.

  • Cory

    Those hoops don’t look regulation size

  • What Haveyou

    How about linking to a video that isn’t totally corrupted and actually plays?


  • What Eva

    Here’s a clue:


  • TSUK

    Dumb video, but i love shaq!

  • Rich

    What happens when this kid has to shoot on a regulation hoop?

  • Bruce Manley

    I’m the guy in the video. What’s up with all the haters saying that these hoops aren’t regulation. The last 3 shots which were 3 of the best shots on there were on double rims. And are you implying that they weren’t 10 feet tall? cuz i’m pretty sure I wasn’t dunking here.

  • KingBaller

    So where they regulation or not? Not that I don’t appreciate the skills it takes to do that stuff, I just don’t know what anything you said means.

  • Television Spy

    Horse? Here on the pacific coast we call it F.R.O.G or P.I.G

  • Eli

    Where they will play the game?
    I want come to see

  • Bruce’s Mom

    It is for real. What Bruce does with a basketball defies logic.

  • Steve Steve

    Bruce Manley was on my Rec basketball team. I used to play hoops with him in high school. The kid is sick. I basically taught him all he knows though, and also …

    .. this isn’t fake. The kid can really do this shit.

  • I can’t do what B manley does but I can shoot one handed shots from past half court and half court and other far shots.
    Check them out here

  • Jacob Abercrombie

    when and where?!?!?!?!?!? i want a seat to see the ‘big freeze’ defrosted!!!!

  • BSR

    Who says it’s about winning? Maybe the big fella just wants to have some fun?

  • Shaq

    Maybe i just have too much money to give away

  • Emily McCormack

    Bruce is a good friend of mine…regulation size? Of course. He’s an honest guy and has some amazing skills on the court. Any haters out there are just jealous because you likely can’t even make a free throw. I’ve watched him play since we were kids…it’s all real

  • Jeremy

    in the youtube vid…at the 2:00 minute mark on…are those the wateford lakes courts in Orlando?

  • Jeremy

    …not this youtube vid the one with that “It’s amazing” song playing lol