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Shaquille O’Neal’s Diet Doesn’t Include Krispy Kreme

Shaquille O'Neal Krispy Kreme

May 5, 2009 – Dr. J-Water

Shaquille O’Neal has long been accused of not paying strict enough attention to his diet during the off-season. Virtually every team he has played for, with the exception of the Phoenix Suns, has had complaints about his weight at the start of training camp. Shaq often counters with “i’m going to work myself into shape before the playoffs.”

Well I guess those days are over, as Shaq has been twittering as of late about his strict diet that he plans to uphold for the entire off season to make sure he follows up this season with another strong campaign outside of Phoenix for Phoenix.

To prove just how much will power he has, Shaq has recently released the following video, to let everyone know just how much he loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but also just how much he plans on sticking to his diet and training regimen:

(H/T to Sports Crackle Pop via NESW Sports for the Video)

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