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Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest Trash Talking Gets Serious

Kobe Bryant Ron Artest

March 12, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest have been friends for a while now. In fact the friendship went public in May of last year when Ron Artest made waves when he interviewed Kobe Bryant saying he was one of Kobe’s biggest fans. But wait a second folks! Kobe’s Lakers were in a tight match up last night on the road against Ron Ron’s Rockets. Friendship out the window?

Well maybe not, but the trash talking was hard and fast, and Ron Artest made the mistake of trying to get in Kobe’s head. It was hard to make out exactly what was being said between the two, but if you can read lips check out the following video clip from last night’s game and then please email me to give me the scoop. There looked to be some moments of laughter and smiling from both, some looks of disgust, looks of disbelief, and I think even Artest once looked angry. But either way it looked like one of those conversations you wish you had the audio for….Check it:

**Since this post was first published we have this update for you on what Artest and Bryant are saying in the video below. A Lip Reader gave us the tip…

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  • rully

    i love kobe

  • haha i think the media is blowing this out of proportion. you should see the real trash talk that happens in streetball. this is elementary school ish… go kobe!

  • Anklesnap

    @pinoy – agreed, I think it was more friendly banter than anything serious.

  • who is Ron Artest? Kobe is giving him way too much respect.

  • um ok

    Um OK, real trash talking basically happens anytime, anywhere when people don’t have to worry about getting thrown out of a professional game or fined for indecency. Pro football players probably get away with the most as far as pro sports go, pro basketball, likely the least because of the environment.

  • Peter

    I can read lips and they were saying…

    Yeah, every Saturday night, you’d
    be like, “Flush me, Jay. Flush me. ”
    I’d be like, “No. ”
    You can’t quit on me.
    I save the world, you tell me
    why I stare at the stars.
    – Hop in.
    – Hop in what?
    Does that come standard?
    It came with a black dude,
    but he kept getting pulled over.
    I could rule this place
    with the right set of mammary glands.

  • jacob luce

    ron artest is just mad that kobe did you know what to his you know who. you know what im sayin? kobe could do you know what to me…. when my parents are gone.

  • Bishman

    “Ron Artest made the mistake of trying to get in Kobe’s head.” – hm….don’t think so….

  • tarence cunningham

    kobe he is an overrated bitch he cries about getting fouled but has the balls to foul artest. artest will f&$k him up

  • jared

    kobe is a beast ron artest is a scrub and can not handle kobe

  • Kenny

    KB two four.. pay the box.. Biyatch…