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Bryant/Artest Trash Talk Mystery Revealed: The Lip Reader Weighs In

Kobe Bryant Ron Artest

March 13, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

Yesterday I gave you guys a second look at the video replay of Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest trash talking each other in Wednesday night’s Lakers-Rockets match up. Within the post, I put a challenge to all of you readers. From yesterday’s post:

“It was hard to make out exactly what was being said between the two, but if you can read lips check out the following video clip from last night’s game and then please email me to give me the scoop.”

Well the challenge taken and won by The Hoop Doctor’s reader Josh Reid! Mr. Reid can read lips and has given us a transcript of what was said. Apparently the beginning part of the banter back and forth was some nonsense that was too hard to make out, but then the conversation went something like this:

Artest: You’re not ready for me!
Kobe: What?! You talking to me?
Artest: Yea you aint ready for me!
Kobe: I’m not ready for you? (weird facial expression)
Kobe: You’re a stand-up comedian now?
Artest: See me
Kobe: Yea, a comedian now.

Thank you once again Josh Reid, and now that we know what was said, I can definitively say…”Ron Artest stop smoking the crack before games, Kobe is obviously good and ready for you!”

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