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Why are NBA Players Mistiming The Big Balls Dance?

Sam Cassell

February 4, 2009 – Dr. Dime

I am getting so sick of NBA players doing the “Big Balls Dance” which presumably started with Sam Cassell years ago to show the other team that he had the balls to take the big shots in crunch time. Some players would get nervous and not want the pressure of the ‘make it, take it’ situation. If you have big balls, you want to take the shot, cause you know you’ll make it. Recently however there has been an upswing in the frequency of the Big Balls Dance. What does it all mean? Why are the testicles of NBA players growing at such a rapid rate?

Like any copy-cat move there is bound to be some error in how they repeat the original dance. What i’ve noticed lately (and it must frustrate Sam Cassell to no end) is the misstep in the timing of the actual dance itself. Sam Cassell used to do the Big Balls Dance after hitting a buzzer beater to win the game for his team. Now that is clutch. Now that takes big balls. Lately however players have been doing the Big Balls Dance after hitting a bucket to take the lead late in the 4th quarter, but with time still left on the clock. This is where the error occurs.


Because with time still left on the clock the opposing team has a chance to retake the lead and show that they are the ones with the actual big balls, and you are the one who ends up looking foolish for dancing too early. You look very foolish for showing extreme cockiness only to be trumped by a player or team that let’s their game speak for itself. Remember Kobe Bryant’s Big Balls Dance a couple weeks ago against the Spurs? Now do you remember right after Roger Mason Jr. hitting the game winner to defeat the Lakers?

Well I guess Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers missed that game, because he certainly didn’t learn any lessons from it. Watch below how Iguodala makes the same mistake Bryant made, only to be made look extremely foolish by the calm, cool, and collected Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen…..those are some big testicles you have their my friend….

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