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Video: Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis lives up to his nickname against Blazers!

Glen Big Baby Davis Boston Celtics

December 5, 2008 – Dr. Dime

Kevin Garnett hates to lose. Kevin Garnett can be intense about it. If this is that obvious to me, you’d think his teammates would have quite a good handle on Garnett”s personality. Or maybe Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis of the Boston Celtics is just a sensitive guy…..maybe he really is a ‘Big Baby’?

In the fourth quarter of tonight’s game between the Boston Celtics and Portland Trailblazers, the Celtics bench let a 25-pt Celtics lead slip a bit. A timeout ensued and Garnett wasn’t shy about telling his teammates that they weren’t playing ‘up to par’. Glen Davis got angry….then he cried. Yes you read that correctly, he cried. Like tears. From his eyes.

It reminded me of the Tom Hanks line from the movie A League of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball, c’mon there’s NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!”

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  • I like Glen Davis but I think this will dog him for his entire career. way to go K.G for being such a team player you just ruined you team-mates life!!! Seem K.G is mouthing off to everyone this year. Least Jose didn’t cry!!!

  • lol, James. Jose didn’t cry!

    Here’s the origin of the Big Baby nickname:
    “Ronald Glen Davis was born in Baton Rouge on Jan. 1, 1986 to Donald Robertson and Tonya Davis. He got the nickname big baby when he was playing in peewee leagues. Because he was bigger than the other kids his age, he was playing with older kids and would whine at times and they would call him a big baby and the name stuck.”


  • Davisre

    I know a lot of people are going to feel sorry for Davis for crying on national tv, but c’mon this is a grown man’s league. You gotta be able to keep your crying in check during a game, especially if you want to keep/earn the respect of your teammates. For those that say “he cries because he cares”, are you saying Garnett and other players don’t care because they don’t cry? That’s ridiculous. Davis should man up during the games then cry at home alone if he wants to be a cry baby.

  • I think the point was much like the non-sense with Calderon, K.G is taking things to far. I mean i get he is intense and that is what gets him going. But everything has it’s limits. I think K.G is walking very close to the edge.

  • This is what happens when two emotional players are involved. I mean it’s ok to cry in the game since a lot of people do in big games but yeah a lot of people will remember Big Baby because of this game for the rest of his career.

  • Zxilla

    Kevin G. should have never publicly lashed out at his young players. Coach Garnet should have handle it in the locker room or pulled his player to the side and told him about his shortcomings and then tell him what he could do to better his game. I can remember k.g. losing big leads in a game only to lose the games. Case close and remember he will need those young players and they have rings too. Big Baby is a young player and only thing he can do is to better his game with experience and hard work. Players want forget that K.G. Remember the Who held the team down for the finals. It was your other team mate.