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Delonte West has Depression and Mood Disorders – “I just wanted to throw it all away and quit the team”

Delonte West Depression

October 18, 2008 – Dr. Browntorious

There has been a lot of public questions surrounding the disappearance from the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp and preseason schedule of combo guard Delonte West. The organization for the past few weeks has just said West has been “dealing with personal issues”. Often this is something organizations will say when a player is unhappy with the organization for one reason or another. However this is not the case with Delonte, as information is starting to surface that he has been undergoing treatment and counselling for an ongoing battle with depression and mood disorders that he has dealt with since early childhood.

This is the first I have heard of these issues with Delonte West. Clearly he’s had the issues under control for the past few years. The oddest part about his statements about the situation in the Boston Globe today was the he says his mood swings seem to be most erratic when his life seems to be in order. Not to make light of his mental health situation, but maybe the arrival of Mo’ Williams in Cleveland as the starting point guard will be good for Delonte, providing him with just enough ‘disorder’ and chaos to keep him on the right path.

Delonte West has been known over the years for some of his more quirky and eccentric comments to the media. Not to disappoint, he told the Boston Globe about his feelings towards the Cavaliers team and organization: “I want to go to war for these people. I would die for them, I really mean that.”

All of this talk of mental health and eccentric behaviour reminds me of the Delonte West video clip/interview a few years back on FSN. Is this video the picture of a man with mental health problems? Hmm….i’ll let you decide:

In all seriousness though, Delonte we are glad you are on the mend, takin’ those meds and ready for some ballin’!

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  • Jay

    lol erm…he’s just random :s not afraid to speak his mind?
    well he’s crazy and talented
    …also he has shaq-like hands

  • jigga_wha

    jay. what does it mean he hs shaq like hands? big hands? or are you saying he can’t catch hahaha

    Yeah Delonte is a bit nutso. Bt it’s all good cause he’s gonna help my boy Bron get his title this year!

  • AndgeB

    Delonte West is a little loopy. No doubt but that doesn’t change anything about his skills. His demeanor is goofy but his game is tight. He’s a great asset to LB and Boobie. And f&$k the Celtics they treated Lonte like shit. Absolute shit.They didn’t deserve him anyway.

  • Ashlie

    Um i was seriously wondering if anything was wrong with his face or not? It looks weird to me but im not sure if he has a disorder or an accident or what. No offence intended