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What are the most interesting bets you can make for NBA games?

As a discipline, basketball is among the very top of the most popular sports in the world. Many people like to play it themselves, even more like watching games and support their favorites.

Then there are the ones who enjoy making bets on what is happening on the court. Basketball provides a perfect opportunity for placing straightforward moneyline bets and more advanced betting variations.

Big money in play

The discipline’s history remembers a fair share of exciting and huge wagers made on some memorable games. That includes, among other things, famous bets made by big celebrity spenders: Charles Barkley and Floyd Mayweather.

There should be very little doubt that betting on sporting events can be more exciting than your usual casino entertainment. The opportunities keep coming as more and more US states are attempting to pass more favorable legislation. One of the gambling department leaders, New Jersey, reported a sum of $482.7 million in nj online casino, poker, and sports betting revenue for 2019.

Fun multiplied

Since games consist of four quarters or two halves, basketball opens up new options. It’s possible to make wagers on results after a quarter or half of the game instead of just over the full 48 minutes. It’s essential to remember that the odds could vary a lot between different periods. This option should be exciting for bettors, especially when two good teams are facing each other.

When a bet consists of over one pick, we call it multiple betting, or the accumulator bet. All the chosen selections must be predicted correctly to collect the winnings. The more games involved, the higher the odds and a potential prize. Suffice to say: there are pros and cons of placing bets this way.

A similar bet, but with the fixed odds and the possibility to adjust the handicap, is called a teaser. The bettor can add points to the underdog or subtract them from the favorite in a way they think will benefit them. The calculations will affect the payouts, as the scenarios have various degrees of difficulty.

Features and props

When looking at the bigger picture, making a long-term commitment when betting on basketball and other sports is possible. You can predict the probability of a particular team’s chances to win a conference title or a championship at the beginning of a season or playoffs. You can make your bet even before the first game starts. It can represent a certain value for the bettors. They can get ahead in front of the competition, as the odds will be subjected to changes throughout the season.

Known to many as props, the proposition bets focus outside the game variables’ regular scope, such as the outcome, score, and similar. They concern the occurrence or non-occurrence of a particular event, not directly influencing the game result. A typical prop bet regards game scenarios or individual players. For example, you can bet on the scenario in which a specific player scores or does not score a fixed amount of points in a game or over the whole season.

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