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NBA Playoffs Hit the Third Round: The Real Fun Begins in the East

Just the other day, the NBA Eastern Conference started the second round, and this is where the most fun is expected for both fans and players in the league. According to reports, the Eastern Conference has had much more exciting games than in the first round of the playoffs. The first round just came to an end without much fuss except the usual ceremony and drama. However, everyone has stayed optimistic about the second round. NBA fans who were disappointed with the last game that was played on May 12th have hopes of improvement.

The First-Round Recap

In April the NBA had its first round of playoffs. The teams that made it this far were fighting to get the trophy and the big title. Some of the teams that carried the day in their respective games were the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors

Despite these wins, the first round had nothing to offer except the fireworks to mark the end of the season and honor the winners. But after a close look at the second-round playoffs, there is a lot more intensity that is expected.

A Look into the Second NBA Playoff

The second-round playoffs for the year arrived quickly and did not offer the players much time to train and enjoy some legit enhancement gear from the Steroidsfax website. In fact, it started as soon as the first round was over. So the players have to train as they play.

The hype surrounding the second round is on, and the games will be aired on TV between May 14 and May 27 this year. The two TV channels selected to air these exciting duels are TNT and ESPN.

For the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors smashed the Philadelphia 76ers in a 92 against 90 win. Since it was a major game, many people had placed their odds, and most got a fair share of the best. These two giant teams in the Eastern Conference really played well. It has been a head to head battle between the two teams since they started their final series on April 30.

Toronto will now be taking on Milwaukee on 16 May 2019, and fans can only wait and see what will happen. After Leonard proved to be such a great player for his team, most people think that the Toronto Raptors have an edge.

NBA Eastern Conference Fan Reactions so Far

According to many, the second round of playoffs has been thrilling so far. Although it may be easy to predict the results by now, there is not much correlation between this year’s playoffs and those from last year. So, the fans are happy about the progress. Most are following closely and making their predictions using various platforms. They also plan to stay glued to the TV to ensure that they capture every scene until the end of the finals.
If you are a fan, you should not miss any of the action and excitement. Online streaming services will make some games available for those who do not have cable or satellite TV.

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