Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Steve Francis Cited for Public Intoxication

steve francis

Steve Francis was once one of the most electrifying players in the NBA with the out of this world bounce and handles that landed him on the Sportscenter Top 10 often.

His NBA career ended much earlier than people anticipated though as he was out of the NBA by the age of 31 in 2008, after failing to catch back on with the Rockets, the team where he became a young star.

His post-NBA career has been a rough one and Francis has had very public addiction issues with alcohol, he even wrote a Players Tribune piece about it earlier this month where he talked about his rough journey to the NBA, his fall from grace and his struggles with his demons in his post-NBA career.

It appears those demons are still getting the best of him as Francis was arrested and cited for public intoxication in Burbank on Monday morning according to TMZ:

“Francis, 41, was arrested around 11:40 PM after police were called for a disturbance between two men at a hotel in Burbank.

Law enforcement sources tell us when cops arrived, Francis was intoxicated. He was arrested for being drunk in public.

Francis was transported to jail … before being given a citation and released around 7 AM Monday morning.”

A lot of former athletes struggle to cope with the end of their careers, especially when they end as early as Francis’s did. Here is to hoping Francis gets the help he needs and is able to overcome his addiction and be able to enjoy his post-NBA and professional basketball career.

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