Thursday 21st June 2018,
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Joel Embiid Calls Chandler Parsons ‘One of My Best Friends’

Joel Embiid Calls Chandler Parsons ‘One of My Best Friends’

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Joel Embiid and Chandler Parsons are apparently good friends off the basketball court—which, come to think of it, makes more sense than anything else in the world.

From CSN Philly’s Jessica Camerato:

Embiid and Parsons met through mutual friends in Los Angeles in 2015. They quickly clicked over their similar outgoing personalities, a love of basketball and … injuries.

Parsons was rehabbing from microfracture surgery as Embiid was rehabbing from foot surgery. A young Embiid turned to Parsons, six years his senior, for advice.

“That’s my guy. That’s one of my best friends. We always joke around,” Embiid said. “He helped me. I think he was hurt at the same time. He told me, take my time, make sure you don’t push anything.”

Although six years separates Embiid and Parsons, a lifetime by NBA standards, the two appear to have similar personalities. Embiid doesn’t seem to be the social club-hopping butterfly that Parsons is, but they both have a pronounced sense of humor that shines through on social media and, at times, in interviews.

I mean:

It helps, too, that Parsons can relate to Embiid. He hasn’t had to miss consecutive seasons, but he’s worked his way back from multiple injuries and, per Camerato, it seems like his mindset has rubbed off onto the Philadelphia 76ers big man for the better.

I, for one, now anxiously await the buddy cop movie these two will co-star in. Such a film would lit.

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